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GuyB's Picks

GuyB's take: We’re counting down the days until racing resumes. We’ll be there to cover it. 

GuyB's take: They’re rolling. JGR will hav a triple threat with Broc Tickle, Freddie Noren and Alex Martin. 

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@bigrigjohn headed to @supercrosslive in Salt Lake City

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Klinger's Picks

Klinger's take: Gajser rippin' a two-stroke. Is that dust or smoke? 

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When the World Champ takes a spin on a 2-Stroke @tiga243 - Sound on for this one! #foxracing

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Klinger's take: Let's just go ride...

Klinger's take: AJ with the bar drag. 

Klinger's take: Hot Sauce with the patriotic vibes. 

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Thank you to all that paid the Ultimate Sacrifice! fighting to keep us Free! #America

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Klinger's take: Danny is insane, as usual. 

Ping's Picks

Ping's take: DBo always has good stories. 

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So quick story, my friend Brad who I work with 40 hours a week and is pretty much family, well he likes to hunt and shoot birds. Turkeys, doves, basically if it has feathers, this crazy fucker is shooting it. Anyhow, turns out his family owns the farm next to the old Herman National track. He told me old stories when he was a kid sitting on the hill overlooking the track watching the races. We're both pushing 50 so I'm pretty sure he may have seen me crash my CR80 a weekend. So last week he's telling me he visited the family farm to shoot a dam turkey. I pulled up some old photos of the Herman National to show him. @jeffward3x kids. From an XR75 to one of the baddest fuckers to ever throw a leg over a dirt bike. He didn't light the world on fire at first, but he never quit fighting and is now pretty much a legend. A seven time Champion and undefeated at the MXdN. When I first turned pro he took me under his wing and let me ride and practice with him when I was just a Team Green kid. When I won my first SX in 90 at Atlanta, I watched him fist pump when he won one of the best races ever. And when my own team flaked, the Kawasaki team, Chicken, Wardy and their boss Roy Turner took me to a strip club with Steve Tassanari's ID. I was 19. This is Wardy at 16 racing a national at one of my local tracks. Little did I realize, 20 some years later we'd be friends. And oh yea, he nearly won the Indy 500. That's fucking crazy man #dirtbikelife

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Ping's take: This is reality.

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What the crap is going on here?!?

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Ping's take: What was better... 80s or 90s?

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Jeff Stanton 1989 MXdN Gaildorf (Photo Courtesy Ray Mayes) #80smx #80smoto #80smotocross

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Resnick's Picks

Resnick's take: Ferrandis has a reason. This is a good watch.

Resnick's take: Seely big trail guy.

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Ever try to turn around on a single track? Yeah me neither. New video is live.

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Resnick's take: Vohland looking comfy with just a few days in on his 250. What are you're thoughts on him?

Resnick's take: Happens when you least expect it.

Resnick's take: Work week coming at ya.

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If he is up, is a win ? @xtng_power_systems Follow us @endurorider117

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