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GuyB's Take: Oof. Get well soon, Dylan. 

GuyB's take: You can’t cure stupid. 

GuyB's take: When you have Sipes questioning his abilities, you know it’s tough. 

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All I can say is wow. @erzbergrodeo_official 2019 was an experience unlike any other. Absolute insanity. We’ve all seen clips of this stuff, but videos and photos do no justice to the Erzberg mine. It’s 5x bigger and harder looking in person. I’ve never questioned my skill on a dirt bike more than I did after walking the .course. I’m in awe of the talent of the guys that can finish it. I like to think I’m pretty skilled on a bike but I don’t have those kinds of skills. Nothing from motocross/supercross transferred over. Literally nothing. Congrats to the top dogs who made it through that mess. I made it to checkpoint 18 of 27 and I’m damn proud of it. The fatigue, the pain, the cramps, the was tough, guys. Real tough. Most of me says there’s no way I’ll ever do it again, but a small part wants to practice and get better and try to finish it now that I know what I’m up against. It would be a massive achievement to say the least. Overall, I’m happy I gave it a shot. It opened my eyes to what’s possible on a motorcycle. I won’t ever look at obstacles the same way as before. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take on another challenge. What’s next? Stay tuned to find out. This ride with @redbull has been amazing. Thanks for following along y’all. And thanks to everyone who is making it possible. You guys are the absolute best @redbull @officialleatt @ktmusa @ridedunlop @maximausa @rekluse_motorsports @renthal_moto @fmflild @stevehatchracing @acerbisusa @tmdesignworks .coastalracing @twisteddevelopmentracing @decalworks @work .connection @xcgear17 @motionpro @ridetrailtech @guts_racing_inc @motool_inc @superbbatteries @imsproducts @dt1filtersusa @ctikneebraces @motomasterbrakes @gbankzx @rk_excel @hammernutrition #Airgroup #workitoutmassage Also, massive thanks to @jonnywalker_22 @josepgarcia26 @m_letti304 @taddyblazusiak @nathanwatson91 .codywebb2 and everyone who gave me advice. It was a big help! Next year I’ll do better, promise And thank you to all the KTM mechanics and Robbie, Fabio, Sarah, Carola. You treated me like royalty and I’m super appreciative. Now time for some rest PC: @vurbwes @future7media

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GuyB's take: All right! Denny’s out of retirement!

Grant's Picks

Grant's take: Woah! Aaron Gwin had a wild crash this past weekend. 

Grant's take: I’m pumped to see Phil Nicoletti doing so well early on in his first season in Canada. He went 2-2 for third overall at this first round this past weekend. 

Grant's take: Not long now before Ryan and Lindsay Dungey become parents! 

Grant's take: Ouch...

Klinger's Picks

Klinger's take: This sucks but skateboard legend Steve Caballero has a good attitude. Also, wouldn't have figured this would be his first surgery.

Klinger's take: Dad goals, yet again! Can't fake those smiles.

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Minnesota for the summer

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Klinger's take: Colton doing his best Happy Gilmore impression. 

Klinger's take: Proof that Cody Webb is mortal. Just barely. 

Klinger's Take: Normal guys worry about the ground, not the ceiling. Axell isn't normal. 

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Too much pepper this one spooked me

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Klinger's take: It takes a different kind of brain to ride a bike like this. 


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