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Michael's Take: I think my teeth are going to fall out just from looking at this RC500...

1998 Radson Honda RC500AF OF STEFAN EVERTS - HSA Racing Pic #PureUnobtanioum

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Michael's Take: What bike?

Michael's Take: Ouch...that's expensive...

Go home Yamaha you’re drunk.

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Michael's Take: No Kenny, it doesn't go ka-pew goes BANG BANG BANG! (Southpark reference) 

Michael's Take: Josh Hill ripping in his day; in Madrid, Spain and what he describes as someone's clapped out practice bike.


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Michael's Take: Rolling up those windows...

Michael's Take: And the video proof.

Michael's Take: What a Scott Champion demonstrates. 

Michael's Take: Wait for it...

Michael's Take: #BadNewsPhil

@kylepeters @filthyphil___ #technique #muscle @landonagrant

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Michael's Take: Happy Belated birthday to the J-Train!

Michael's Take: Now that's fan commitment!

Big respect dude It turned out super rad! @stevetothart

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Michael's Take: least they got the front right, ha!

Non-Moto Picks

Since there's so much gold on IG, we've got a few of our favorite non-moto picks as well.

Michael's Take: A bunch of people posted this last week and it was funny every time.

I HAD to repost this HAHAHAHAHA

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Michael's Take: Kind of fascinating, really.

This is how you melt metal with magnets. It takes a lot of heat to melt metal, normally requiring some kind of heavy-duty torch to get the job done manually. However, with a bit of electricity and wire, you can melt a chunk of metal with a magnetic field, and suspend in it mid-air so it looks .cool during the process. The setup is more simple than you likely imagined, as it uses induction heating to melt the metal chunk without having to strap on a visor and break out a blowtorch. In order to make the metal float, it needs to be suspended in the middle of a magnetic field. So, rather than search online for a very specific magnetic housing, you can simply make one by passing an electric current through a wire. If you twist the wire into a .coil, the rig will focus its magnetic field toward the center of the housing. This method, as Science-Based Life reminds, is the basic way in which electromagnets are created. If you toss some metal inside that .coil, the metal helps generate an electric current inside the field. This is what is at work in the above video. An electric current is bouncing around the .coil, and thanks to the metal object, inside the magnetic field. Eventually, electricity is generated within the metal object, which in turn generates more heat than the metal can bear. Amazingly, the metal actually melts while it’s suspended in the .coil, but the magnetic field holds it together. When the electric current passing through the .coil is shut off, the metal immediately drops out of the field, and lands as a melted pile of .cooling liquid below. Isn’t science neat? The Ancient Egyptians might have used this to melt bronze, .copper, gold and steel. . #repost @4biddenknowledge #4biddenknowledge

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Michael's Take: My neck hurts just from looking at this.

Michael's Take: NO THANKS!

Michael's Take: This photo describes how I feel sometimes when entering the forum...

Dearest Internet….Please always try to remember that when you’re dropping that .comment thread smackdown that gives you a superiority boner or even if you’re a click away from being the “Um, actually” hole-poker that creates more eyerolls than the deafening praise for your inimitable intelligence that you envision, maybe stop for a s .cond & ask yourself if what you’re doing is helpful to the world or just your ego? Is your hot take REALLY for humanity, or deep down for the “likes” it will get you? Having the moral high ground is not a license for verbal abuse. It doesn't matter that your intentions are good. Everyone thinks their intentions are good. Your intentions, however, DO NOT JUSTIFY YOUR APPROACH. I know it’s a tumultuous time but try seeking understanding instead of destruction! That’s not to say you should roll over & let assholes walk all over you...just don’t b .come the asshole that you despise. Beating people into intellectual submission creates resentment instead of enlightenment. True strength isn’t showing everyone you can eviscerate some dipstick on social media—true strength is WANTING to eviscerate some dipstick on social media but having the presence of mind to take a step back to .confirm whether that will a .complish anything worthwhile. Obviously, it's nearly impossible to do this 100% of the time. You're a person! Our brains are physiologically imperfect. But why not try to trim negative shit down where you can? Eliminating toxic culture starts with YOU. You are significant. Live how you want the world to be. Even though you’re angry, it’s ok to have .conversations, it’s ok to not agree with people, & it’s ok to say, “I don’t know”. Being a dick doesn't get you respect. Being right doesn't get you love. GIVING those things gets you those things. On the other side of the inanimate device in your hand behind the .cold, impersonal characters being slathered into text fields is a HUMAN BEING who is also terrified, insecure, in need of cuddles just like you. Choose empathy over apathy. YOU HAVE THE POWAHHHHH. #PartnershipForASmugFreeAmerica [cartoon credit: @thedanemen for @linewebtoon]

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Michael's Take: Even the pits at Supercross are dangerous, Matty Rice demonstrates. 

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