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Michael's Take: Eli Tomac showing some moto skills transfer over to stand-up skis quite well, and others not so much... Kawasaki's new ski looks like a blast, wonder if moto media can get a test? Hmmm...

Michael's Take: Wow... Painful throwback here.

Michael's Take: Wicked cool shot of Justin Barcia from our own GuyB.

Michael's Take: Top Jimmy really seems to be clicking again, as of late.

Michael's Take: Enjoy some Terrafirma action... Pure bliss...

Michael's Take: KTM crew is always up for a laugh.

Michael's Take: Looks comfortable, ha...

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Kenny served as the Honorary Race official at this weekend's NASCAR Sprint Cup race.

Scottie's Take: After borrowing a yellow bike from our own test fleet for a bit, now Deano is throwing down locally on a blue machine. We hope something gets locked down soon.

Scottie's Take: Justin Barcia put his JGRMX Suzuki on the track this weekend at the Paris-Lille SX. The bikes are really coming along.

Scottie's Take: Eli Tomac's pounding out laps as he prepares for the 2017 SX series.

Scottie's Take: Marvin Musquin looks to be in great form, putting together a perfect two night performance at the Paris-Lille SX.

Scottie's Take: It will take me a bit to get use to J-Mart on his Geico machine.

Scottie's Take: Another cool creation by JGRMX's Spencer Bloomer. See you next week!

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