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Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Taking "choppered out" to the extreme?

Michael's Take: WOW....

Michael's Take: That's one deep rain rut.

Michael's Take: Safety first!

Michael's Take: Another classic Vital-photoshop from the man himself, GuyB!

Michael's Take: Not quite moto, but still so sick!

Michael's Take: Kind of wrong, but it gave me a chuckle.

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Check out "6 time" Jeff Stanton's vintage build, looks like a classic!

Scottie's Take: Thunder Valley had some unique trophies, longboards.

Scottie's Take: I miss the days of the iconic Grand National Champion blue #1 plate.

Scottie's Take: Speaking of trophies, Spencer Bloomer at JRGMX has a knack for putting together old parts and making awesome creations out of them.

Scottie's Take: I want to raid Roczen's living room, look at all that gear!

Scottie's Take: JS7 takes the best selfies.

Scottie's Take: This is throwing is way back, check out Rick Johnson back in the day... See you next week!

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