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Michael's Take: It's not a dirtbike, but staring at it sure made my morning better...

KTM: Here's some eye candy to start your week off right #KTM #Readytorace #MotoGP

Michael's Take: Considering Ryan spent most of his career sliding around corners, it wouldn't surprise me if he could be pretty competitive in Flat Track.

Ryan Villopoto: First-time riding dirt track yesterday - so much fun. Video by @nickwey27 @monsterenergy @kawasakiusa @thormxofficial @mobiusbraces @oakleymotorsports @dc_moto #dirttrack #dirtbike #kawasaki #slomo

Michael's Take: Whoops in the whoops...

MXPTV: ig wreck from last weekend featuring @jaceowen59 and @kyle_regal hitting the dirt in the 1st AX heat race from Saturday night in Baltimore. Watch the Best Of video from Bmore on #MXPTV #amsoilax #moreintense

Michael's Take: For flying in just a few days before A2, riding a new bike and then lining up for his rookie AMA Supercross, Luke Clout did quite well by pulling off a 14th place finish. Let's see what he can do as the series rolls on.

Luke Clout: staring down the start was an experience with 50,000 peoole! @teammadracing @suzukicycles @yoshimura_rd @dirtcandygraphics photo: @fiftysixclix

Michael's Take: I got a good chuckle from this. Get well soon Trey, hope you're back on the track next weekend in Oakland!

Trey Canard: Sometimes when you see a statue of Jesus, you just gotta..

Michael's Take: Moments that'll last a lifetime.

Jagger Craig: When yo dad tries to take yo trophy.

Michael's Take: The weather back East has been so bad, many team members (like JGR) had problems getting out to the West Coast this past weekend. In Kyle Regal's case, it was so bad they actually cancelled the Arenacross race! So him and a few of the riders took to the streets to have some fun.

Kyle Regal: bummed the race here in Allentown Pennsylvania got cancelled due to the weather @arenacross! Stoked I was able to take my @fmcracing_otsff_husqvarna out and tear up the streets! #sxonspeed #snowday #gsonmyfeet #iwannarace photo: @mikevizerphoto

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: Check out Kenny in practice from A2. If a tabletop is getting flat, then going vertical must be a wall? Whatever you call it, it's freakin' rad!

Ryne Swanberg: @kenroczen94 is feeling it at #A2 || #SXonFox #SupercrossLive #theBangers

Scottie's Take: Austin Forkner made his Arenacross debut over the weekend and ran into some tough luck in the first main, but rebounded nicely and rode solid throughout the weekend.

MX Fails: Some bad luck for @austinforkner

Scottie's Take: DV approves of Chad Reed's speed in the gnarly A2 whoop section, as they caused havoc all night long.

David Vuillemin:@crtwotwo in the whoops

Scottie's Take: Jacob Hayes with some real words of wisdom.

Jacob Hayess: Eye on the prize. Don't over react to bad nights. Don't over celebrate good nights. Just work work work. #GrindHard @mikevizerphoto

Scottie's Take: Roczen put in a ton of start practice leading up to the weekend, unfortunately it didn't help much.

Ken Roczen: roughly done 300 starts in 2 days @broctickle

Scottie's Take: Elbow drag wheelie, that's mighty impressive!

Rich Kearns:Wanted to see if I could get my elbow on the ground the other day at @officialpalaraceway .... and got it!! Had a fun day riding out there with everyone. Thanks for the @pjj205 #palaraceway #wheelie #elbowdrag #ride #onewheel #onehand #dirtbike #balance #troyleedesigns #alpinestars #radmanufacturing #dunlop #imsproducts #s_rchains #handdrag #dragonalliance #fmf #blessedindividuals #fenderdrag #rideonewheel @s_rchains @s_rchains

Scottie's Take: I've been wondering who is doing the riding in the new Toyota commercial. Now we know... See you next week!

Ronnie Renner:So. @mike_mason81 may have the better style going on here, but who sent it higher and deeper?... And broke his wheels. The #stunt game ain't no joke!

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