Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: I have to admit, I'm so going to do this to one of my friends on our next trail ride.
Colton Haaker: There's always that one buddy on a trail ride you just need to put in check! @jmazzy77 is usually that guy! Tag your buddy that's always in the way! #jewey #huskytakedown #intheface #goingdown #onasunday

Michael's Take: I doubt I'd get my picture taken if I did this. However, I'd definitely take it over industry seating!
Vital MX: Who had the best seat in the house at Phoenix? @diannajdahlgren #supercross

Michael's Take: Seeing Gautier on a Honda is still going to take some getting used to. But I'm excited to see him battle it out with Cairoli and Villopoto next year, I really think he has what it takes.
Gautier Paulin: Ready to start this new week? Monday vibe!

Michael's Take: How many of you have ever done this?
James Stewart: I refuse to break my Saturday night routine. Hahaha #Sxonfox

Michael's Take: When the rain comes, the riding doesn't stop until every last drop has evaporated.
Carey Hart: This is what you call s#!t eating grin.

Michael's Take: Weston almost had that podium, but instead ended up with a broken bone in his foot. He's one tough mofo!
Weston Peick: My boy @pbarker20 knows what's good.

Michael's Take: I had the chance to speak to Lyle at event earlier this year, he's a true moto nut!
AP Designs: Back view of @6dhelmets @lylelovett new lid #custompaint #apdesignsusa

Michael's Take: Congrats to Eli on his first 450 SX win! It's so crazy to see a rider this aggressive on a 450 in Supercross, definitely a pleasure to watch.
Eli Tomac: Love this pic, PC @cudby

Michael's Take: Colton's still pissing me off...
Colton Haaker: BMX style Danny Mac #backwardsnosewheelie ! #dungeypumped on 2014 even more excited about 15! Hope everyone pushes themselves to new levels next year and exceeds there own personal limitations!

Michael's Take: See you all next week!
Tyler Bereman: Big cameras, Big budget, Big whips, Big tits, Big trucks, and a bunch of rad dudes, brought to you by @monsterenergy

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