Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: I know we're starting and ending with shots of James this week... I just couldn't help it, this is too awesome.

James Stewart: Stop the madness @garthmilan

Michael's Take: Ahh the off season, where your best crashes go unseen.

Matt Lemoine: I don't usually crash but when I do I tear sh!t up!

Michael's Take: Hanny and his new team are going big this year with their own race shop.

Daniel Castloo: Friday night in the new race shop, couldn't be more pumped! #Team100

Michael's Take: I'm pretty sure this is the best moto/all-around rig ever...

Ronnie Renner: Stoked to have the #loosecaboose back from #sema !!! Gotta love how the #polarispower generator flows right with the @looseprogram

Michael's Take: Trying to impress women on a dirt bike has led to some of my most epic moments... and fails. Marvin Musquin, as seen here, demonstrates.

MArvin Musquin: This is what happen when you want to impress your wife.... lol

Michael's Take: Helmet vs Drone, which will win? Wait for it...

Colton Haaker: Ready for some @enduro_cross Finals this weekend in Ontario, Ca! The championship ain't over yet! Endurocross racing is unpredictable and I'm always ready to battle! This video is filming with the heli and my bud @sandypants_11 except when he tries taking me out with it!!! @rockstarenergy @lucasoilproducts @jcrhonda @flyracingusa @alpinestars @dragonalliance

Michael's Take: I give you a round of applause if you know why this is funny.

Ronnie Renner: Too funny not to post. @aarongwin1 @geoffaaron.

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: That's a big Ti tower of power!

FMF Racing: Nothing like a fresh batch of American Made Titanium FMF Megabomb headers. All Day!!

Scottie's Take: Check out this huge hit that a few of the guys were nailing at the Endurocross final over the weekend.

Orange Brigade: Hot laps are going down right now @enduro_cross but practice was wild with @taylor_robert33 being the 1st guy to launch the water gap #EnduroCross #KTM #TR33 #OrangeBrigade #ArmyOfOrange #SendIt

Scottie's Take: Davi and GoPro are covering all the angles.

Davi Millsaps: The more @gopro cameras the better right? Hahaha

Scottie's Take: Jeff Stanton had a sweet looking ride over in Italy.

Jeff Stanton: Ride for the day. #honda #fox#arai#100%

Scottie's Take: These 360's are really starting to catch on, such amazing bike skills.

FMF Racing: @murrayfmx heard we were asking where you were all riding today and he sent us this lil gem! How about a 360 for ya!! #progression

Scottie's Take: Speaking of Endurocross, congrats to Cody Webb for bringing home the title, and on a 2 stroke... BRAAP!

Cody Webb: Team effort! 2014 has been unreal. Thanks to everyone for supporting me. Love what I do and still can't believe I got the championship #dungeypumped

Scottie's Take: Looks like James is bringing the zebra back. See you next week!

James Stewart: #Stewbra @garthmilan Stop the madness

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