Michael's Picks

Michael's Take: Jason Anderson drives a hard bargain at the negotiating table.

Jason Anderson: Working on my gear deal and looks like I'll be getting paid 1 million pesos and bonuses will be paid in burritos and tacos! Not a bad deal. @professor296 #kenny

Michael's Take: 35+ and 40+ riders rejoice, you won't be facing off against the Fro at LL this year. Sending a get well soon to Jeff Emig, that sucks man!

Jeff Emig: What goes up, must come down and this time and... sometimes it hurts.. Our great mate @emig47 got it wrong literally in the last couple of minutes of the epic #shiftrideon event today and is getting checked our now. Hopefully it's nothing beyond a slight separation or fracture. #fingerscrossed #getbetterfro After the X-rays it turns out my clavicle is fractured in a couple of spots. So bumbed... There goes @lorettalynnmx #dejivu #groundhogday

Michael's Take: Ken Roczen tried out Fox's latest V3 over the weekend, rumor has it this helmet will feature a version of MIPS. Stay tuned for a First Look.

Pete Fox: @kenroczen94 is wearing our next generation V3 helmet today at Budds Creek. He will appreciate the patented venting channel system... It's hot and humid out there! #fox #mx #motocross #foxracing #innovateandelevate

Michael's Take: One of the best throwback bikes I've seen by far!

GDR Honda: The 45 of @coltonfacciotti all ready to go this weekend sporting the '96 @jeremymcgrath2 #honda graphics

Michael's Take: It's not often that we get to see a rider on his next year's bike without the forum melting down.

Rockstar Racing: @elhombre_17 doing work on the @husqvarna_usa today at #LEMX

Michael's Take: Check out the messages on Dungey's newest V3 lid.

Air Trix Paint: #teamdungey

Scottie's Picks

Scottie's Take: I always dig when Pete shares stories of how some Fox products were designed back in the day. Such as this jersey that was hand drawn.

Pete Fox: #tbt When I designed this back in the 90's I did most of the art by hand. Hear that kids? We can design things by hand! Pens, pencils, paintbrushes, scissors #fox #artlife #design ...The truth is getting the curved logos just right by hand was a bitch!!

Scottie's Take: Really cool photo of Mike Alessi with the Calgary skyline in the background. Reminds me of a classic picture of Damon Bradshaw from the Charlotte SX back in the day.

Mike Alessi: #tbt Calgary a couple of weeks ago. Bike was on point that day. #calgary #city

Scottie's Take: Looks like Kevin Windham hasn't lost any style since retiring.

Kevin Windham: Felt like a kid again today.

Scottie's Take: Budds Creek had some really cool trophies.

Ken Roczen: not the best day but deffenetly not the worst:-) some day's are just tough and we pushed thru it. let's keep that shit consistent:-) but i like winning too much so let's just win, so we can lolol

Scottie's Take: Miss Supercross keeps her money maker in shape all year round!

Dianna Dahlgren: Yaaaaaaasssss hit 175 a couple times! New MAX coming soon #datass #squats #thassssright.

Scottie's Take: See you next week!

Jimmy Albertson: #whipitwednesday @motosportinc @crosslandracing @flyracingusa @fmf73 @rekluse_motorsports

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