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"End of the road." A vision @dougparsons23 had that we brought to life. Gave myself a cameo in the form of a shadow."

The Other Tedesco

Chris Tedesco has become a name for amazing MX photography and has recently been branching off into other photographic arenas with clients you may have heard of…Red Bull and BMW. But long before Chris was capturing images of some of the top athletes in the world, he was just another kid from New Jersey trying to get his foot in the door of this sport we call motocross. As kids, Chris and I were both Old Bridge Township Raceway Park regulars who had aspirations of getting into this SoCal-based niche industry. Chris was smart enough to pick up a camera in the late ‘90s and has been at the forefront of action sports photography ever since.

You can take the kid out of NJ, but you can’t take NJ out of the kid, which is why I’m always pumped to see my buddy’s name pop up in photo credits. If you don’t already follow Tedesco’s work, check out his Instagram. Shots like this one of Doug Parsons will keep you going back for more.

"So proud of @tomparsons930 I always knew he'd kill it in a whip contest. Took him 3 years to finally get in, and he wins his first one. So rad!! All the whips last night were absolutely unreal. Great job to everyone!"

The Other Parsons

Here’s another badass photographer with another badass shot of another Parsons. Garth Milan is a household name in motocross photography and is a true artist with a camera. Like Tedesco, Milan also has gigs with big companies like Red Bull, but still does other projects as well. Last weekend during the whip contest at the Monster Energy Cup, Garth captured this absolutely unreal shot of Tom Parsons getting almost completely inverted during a whip that helped him capture the win in the first whip contest he’s ever competed in, beating a whole host of seasoned riders.

“Don't know who snapped this but def was a cool shot. Sx 14 will be a show. Been working with@jeromeinthezone this offseason so lookout haha#lookatthepeoplefaces #probablythinkingOhHedead”

Stewpid Fast

It looks like the flame has been reignited in the James Stewart camp. For much of the Monster Energy Cup, Stew had that old spark that brought him so much notoriety to begin with…scrubbing the crap out of triples (simultaneously taking a foot off the pegs and pulling a tearoff…no biggie), making passes in places where no one expected, and generally riding his Suzuki to the point where it’s amazing that the bike could even survive a 10-lap race. If James can keep this momentum going, 2014 is going to be a good year for racing.

(FYI, it looks like a Steve Cox photo.)

"What does the fox say? It says BRAPP #brapp #motocross #ronniemac #funny #comedy #dirtbike"

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foxracing: "Congrats @rickycarmichael your are the best ever. #halloffamer #thegoat"

Friday night Ricky Carmichael was inducted into the AMA Hall Of Fame. Congrats GOAT!

diannajdahlgren "Uhhhhh new top for SX!????? Hmmmmm :) #meconfox #misssupercross #diannadahlgren"

Miss SX Dianna Dahlgren got a new outfit for SX, it was already a topic on our forums and like our members, I also approve!

kenroczen94: "did a @foxracing @foxheadinc photoshoot after the race"
It's official, Ken Roczen is now a full time "Big Boy" and made his debut at the MEC in outstanding fashion, a big holeshot in one moto and landing on the podium overall. Here is a shot from the Fox guys after the race.

Justin Starling (@Starling712) went out for a ride, he looks a little stiff though.

jbonejgr Display bikes built for Toyota display at MEC and SX. See you all next Jan 4th

The guys at JGR have a full stable of bikes on display in the Toyota booth, you can catch them up close and in person at each SX round starting in Jan.

sevenmx_ "A very proud night for us. Amazing to see all the guys in our gear. Our amateurs were killing it. (Keep your head up @jaceowen401) But it goes without saying, @therealjs7 went to work last night. During the first Moto we plainly saw that he was up for the challenge. And he did not disappoint. Way to put the #sevenmx gear on the top of the box. #jamesstewart #whatanight #whatarace #legendary"
Seven made their big splash at the MEC this weekend debuting their new gear and landing atop the podium with James Stewart. You could also see their gear looking fresh on the TLD riders and their amateur squad.

bq365 "Such a fun weekend in Vegas! Didn't go quite as I had hoped but I couldn't be more thankful for all the support I've had! This is only the beginning! Thanks for the photo @ryneswanberg"
Until next week....whip it out and play with it :-)

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"#MEC2012 #MEC2013 #backtoback #vegas #pairofaces"

Austin Forkner is going to be one to watch. Two Monster Energy Cups, two Supermini overalls.

yoshimura_rdby @therealjs7 "Moments before the night show. #playtimeisover Shot off my @gopro hero3+" via @InstaReposts
The RV/JS7 side-by-side battle from the second main event at the Monster Energy Cup is one that people are going to remember for a while...especially going into '14. We know one rider who'll probably be using that as motivation all off-season.

"Bumped er' up to 5th gear today...."
Who else is looking forward to Adam Cianciarulo's entry into the Supercross scene, especially after getting a full season of outdoor racing under his belt before heading to the stadiums?

This one was found in the forum. Click to check it out.Photo

Now this is what you call an OJ. Luckily for the rider, he continued on. Yikes.
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