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Saturday night finally dished up the even that everyone wanted to see at the U.S. Open, with a head-to-head battle between James Stewart and Chad Reed.

Chad grabbed the holeshot in the main event aboard his Rockstar Makita Suzuki, which cost James Stewart (San Manuel Yamaha) a shot at the $250,000 bonus available for taking the trifecta on both nights. (Winning the trifecta required a rider to win the Toyota Superpole, take the holeshot in the main event, as well as the main event.) James had done it on Friday, scoring some big bucks in the process.

Reed lead for much of the main event, though Stewart was catching him…particularly through a rhythm section that Reed was doubling, while Stewart was hitting it as a pair of triples. About the time Stewart was looking to pick a place for a pass attempt, Reed surprised everyone by throwing it away through the aforementioned rhythm section. The crash handed to lead (and win) to Stewart.

By taking the overall, Stewart has now scored a pair of wins in the event, after having won it in 2006 as well. Props go to Ivan Tedesco, who grabbed second overall (and $35,000) for finishing in second overall; and Ryan Dungey, who finished third overall aboard a 250F.

Check the photo gallery (see the link above) for much more from the second night of the Rockstar Energy U.S. Open at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

Superpole Qualifying
1. James Stewart 42.426
2. Chad Reed 42.816
3. Ryan Dungey 43.085
4. Andrew Short 43.332
5. Broc Hepler 43.806
6. Nico Izzi 44.480
7. Tommy Hahn 45.280
8. Justin Brayton 45.526

Heat 1
1. Chad Reed
2. Andrew Short
3. Michael Byrne

Heat 2
1. Ryan Dungey
2. Broc Hepler
3. Tommy Hahn

Heat 3
1. James Stewart
2. Ivan Tedesco
3. Justin Brayton

Alpinestars 85cc Invitational Saturday
1. Nelson (Yamaha)
2. Austin Politelli (Suzuki)
3. Kody Kamm (KTM)
4. Jace Owen (Suzuki)
5. Tyler Stewart (Yamaha)
6. Joey Savatgy (Honda)
7. Michael Maze (Suzuki)
8. Dillan Epstein (Yamaha)
9. Matthew Bisceglia (Yamaha)
10. Chris Alldredge (Yamaha)
Alpinestars 85cc Invitational Overall
1. Austin Politelli (Suzuki) 1-2
2. Kody Kamm (KTM) 3-3
3. Joey Savatgy (Honda) 2-6
4. Jessy Nelson (Yamaha) 8-1
5. Jace Owen (Suzuki) 7-4
6. Michael Maze (Suzuki) 6-7
7. Dillan Epstein (Yamaha) 5-8
8. Matthew Bisceglia (Yamaha) 4-9
9. Tyler Stewart (Yamaha) 10-5
10. Chris Alldredge (Yamaha) 9-10
11. Jesse Masterpool (Suzuki) 11-11

U.S. Open Saturday Night Main Event
1. James Stewart (Yamaha)
2. Andrew Short (Honda)
3. Chad Reed (Suzuki)
4. Ryan Dungey (Suzuki)
5. Ivan Tedesco (Honda)
6. Michael Byrne (Suzuki)
7. Dan Reardon (Honda)
8. Tommy Hahn (Kawasaki)
9. Justin Brayton (KTM)
10. Nico Izzi (Suzuki)
11. Broc Hepler (Yamaha)
12. Josh Hill (Yamaha)
13. Daniel Blair (Honda)
14. Matt Boni (Honda)

U.S. Open Overall
1. James Stewart (Yamaha) 1-1
2. Ivan Tedesco (Honda) 2-5
3. Ryan Dungey (Suzuki) 5-4
4. Andrew Short (Honda) 12-2
5. Justin Brayton (KTM) 4-9
6. Josh Hill (Yamaha) 3-12
7. Michael Byrne (Suzuki) 7-6
8. Chad Reed (Suzuki) 14-3
9. Tommy Hahn (Kawasaki) 8-8
10. Broc Hepler (Yamaha) 6-11

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