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Bring your tear-offs and prepare to duck the roost!

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Race Shop

Have you got a tech question on how to do something, or a question about a product? Looking for wrenching advice? We know that there's nothing more frustrating than working on your bike and not having an answer you need. And yeah, we know that we have lots of fun in some of the other sections, but when responding, please bring your serious answers.

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New Rider Questions

Should I buy a _________? What do you guys think of _________ brand _________? Here's where you can drop your bike and equipment purchase questions.

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This room's for whatever else is on your mind that's not moto-related. But how about we skip religion and politics from now on? I'm sure you can probably find specialty forums for those hot-button topics.

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Old School Moto

The place to yack about the "good old days." But who was the dummy who thought Jofas and duckbill visors were a good idea?

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Photo and Video

This is where to talk about shooting, equipment, and photo and video editing programs.

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Hall of Torrents

Links to Torrents live here.

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Hall of Fame

Great posts from Motodrive and Vital MX members (yes, there are occasional nuggets worth saving) will end up here. Want to nominate a post? Send a message to GuyB.

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The Bazaar

Here's where you can post all the weird eBay ads you can find, as well as sell all your old, unused, and just plain bizarre goodies. (No wives please.)

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The Waiting Room/Help Zone

Here's where to check on moto friends and loved ones who are sick or have suffered riding injuries. Also, it's where you can find how to help those in need.

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The Dumbgeon

Also known as the Hall of "Damn, That's Stupid." This is the place where good threads gone bad go to die, along with just plain bad threads. It's flushed regularly, so don't get too attached to your "masterpieces."

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Video Screening Room

A few of you asked for a room where you could post videos. Don't forget, if you have a moto video that you want to upload, you can do it at VitalMX.com.

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Game Room

Excitebike, Motocross Madness, or MX vs. ATV (whatever version), this is your hangout.

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GNCC, WORCS, Endurocross

Get your off-road fix here. Let's keep it to two-wheelers, please.

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Regional Topics Posts Last Post

Got news about a track or races in Arizona? This is the place to talk about it.

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Got news about a track or races in California? This is the place to talk about it.

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Got news about a track or races in Florida? This is the place to talk about it.

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USA-Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa

Mmmm, cheese.

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The place for New England riders.

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Okay, Northwest riders in the, "We don't tan, we rust" belt...bring it.

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USA-Rocky Mountain Region

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Got news about a track or races in Texas? This is the place to talk about it.

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Australia/New Zealand

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Over here at the VitalMX headquarters, we speak fluent Manglish (Mangled English), but our English-speaking European friends are more than welcome to play here.

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Vital Topics Posts Last Post
About Vital MX

Have any questions about how something works on Vital MX? Leave your comments here and we will help you out ASAP.

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