Hometown: Los Angeles, CA.

Currently reside in: Los Angeles, CA.

Amateur accomplishments: I definitely wasn't the best amateur rider, so I didn't win any major national championships. My biggest accomplishment as a amateur would probably be getting a fourth place in a moto at Loretta Lynn's my final year there.

Pro achievements: Since turning pro in 2012 I have earned at least one national point every year. In 2014 I made my first-ever Supercross main event, and finished 21st overall that year. 2015 is probably my best year to date. I made a few Supercross mains and then went on and did most all of the outdoors with the help of DirtCandy Suzuki. The start of 2016 was rough when I broke both my wrists and my femur before the West coast Supercross season. I raced outdoors to try and salvage something from the year, and had some good results later in the season, doing the best I've ever done outdoors by finishing inside the top 20 in four of the last six motos of the season!

Biggest hurdles in my career so far: Definitely my biggest hurdle to date is my most recent injury when I broke both my wrists and femur all at once.  All three broken parts needed pretty major surgery. I also bent the previous rod I had in my femur, and had to reconstruct shattered bones in my wrists.

Biggest boost to my career so far: Really nothing major has happened yet in my career, but switching to Yamaha this past season was a solid move for me!

Plans for the upcoming season: I want to have a healthy season and get back to where I ended in 2015, making mains in Supercross consistently and bettering myself every chance I get!

First bike: Suzuki Suzuki JR50.

Current bike: Yamaha Yamaha YZ250F.

In my first race, I... Probably started in the middle of everyone, and then followed someone the whole race. That was the story of my younger days, haha... I usually had good starts but when it came to passing I was the kid who would follow and just drive my parents crazy, haha...

Why do I ride? I ride because I love it and basically it's all I know. I love the freedom I get when I'm on the bike. It's just you doing what you know out there, it's not like a ball or team sport where you have to rely on your teammates because you can't do it all on your own.

If I'm not riding, I'm probably: Fixing my bikes or golfing. I'm always working with something on these dirt bikes trying to keep them going. If not that, I'm never one to turn down going to the driving range or playing a round!

I'm currently driving: A 2010 Chevy Silverado.

Dream vehicle: Nissan GTR Nismo.

Musical tastes include: I'm from L.A., so mainly rap, but I'm not too picky. I like rock and country as well. Depends on the mood!

My five must-have apps: 1. Instagram, because it's the best way to see what's going on around you! 2. Facebook. Always has funny videos and you talk to a lot of people through there. 3. Maps. When you live in or near LA you need the maps to avoid traffic. 4. ESPN app keeping me up to date on liked teams and all other sports! And lastly... 5. YouTube, because there's always videos of people doing funny things or just for the entertainment!

Three web sites I can't do without:
1. Google  2. MR Cycles...Just the two.

If I were the King of Motocross, I'd change it by... Trying to make it more friendly to us as riders and for the fans by changing the schedule so it doesn't bounce around coast-to-coast so much, and for the fans maybe easier access to the riders maybe by having all of us wear onboard cameras, kinda like certain car racing you can basically stream certain drivers or in our case riders, and pick who you want to watch!

Something to make the sport better or safer would be: Just take the time to monitor the tracks and fix problem sections if many riders are having issues or a hard time getting through.

My hidden talent is:  Hidden talent maybe shooting clay pigeons. I've only tried it a few times for fun, and a handful of people have been surprised that I do as well as I do considering I have no clue what I'm doing. Haha...

You can find me @...
Facebook: Brandon Scharer 
Twitter: @brandonscharer
Instagram: brandonscharer154

Gotta thank:  First I'd like to thank my family for helping me get this far in my career.  Also all my sponsors and friends who help keep the dream alive where I can ride my dirt bike, having fun everyday and always learning something new! ​

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  • Slosh 112

    12/16/2016 11:07 PM

    Go hard son!

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