Supercross de Paris: Night One, Look and Listen 3

Bringing the race back to Paris, and going bigger than ever.

The Paris Supercross has always been a highlight of the off-season races, with multiple nights of action, top riders, equally talented freestylers, and a huge production. Once again, it delivered...and this time around was even bigger than ever. The new U Arena provided a venue back in Paris, after a few years of going north of the city to Lille. The bigger venue allowed for a bigger, faster track, and lap times in the 45-second range.

You can check out the photos below, and there are also audio clips sprinkled throughout the article, with the top four riders on the night in the 450 class.

Oh-la-la. The pop-pom dancers are a staple of the action at the Paris Supercross.

Thomas Do grabbed the first heat race win in the SX2 class.

Tyler Bowers was a late addition to the Bud Racing roster for the weekend, and he grabbed a heat race win in the second SX2 heat (or 1/2 Final, as they call them here in France.)

Marvin Musquin was second in qualifying during the afternoon, but he nabbed the Superpole with a fast lap that was a couple tenths faster than Cole Seely's lap.

Next on the roster for the SX1 guys were Sprint races. These counted towards the overall King of Bercy title (and provided some of the best action of the night). Dean Wilson and Marvin Musquin traded the lead back and forth a couple times before Marvin went off the track on the last lap, and Dean Wilson grabbed the heat win.

Dean's been on a roll the last couple weeks, running up front in Australia and France.

Click start below to hear audio from Dean Wilson.

It was cool to see the racing be tight, but clean. Let's see how it works out tomorrow night.

The freestylers come out to play in the dark, and there's a solid group here this weekend. This is Josh Sheehan getting stretched.

In the second SX1 Sprint, it was Cole Seely's turn to keep the pressure on Marvin Musquin.

Zach Osborne's move to the 450 class looks promising...though you'll have to wait for '19 to see him on it full-time in Supercross. Current plans only have him on a 250 during the upcoming SX season, and he'll jump to the 450 for the outdoors and beyond.

Marvin Musquin charging into a tight berm on the way to the second SX1 Sprint win.

Cole Seely was on a roll...right up until he crashed at the start of the SX1 main event. That took some of the wind out of his sails, but he rallied.

Click start below to hear audio from Cole Seely.

Thomas Do led just about the whole SX2 main event...until he got loose at the end of the whoops, which allowed Yannis Irsuti to catch him.

Yannis Irsuti and Thomas Do tangled with only a couple corners to go, and both went down. Yannis remounted first, and grabbed the win.

Here's your top three in SX2; Yannis Irsuti, Thomas Do, and Arnaud Aubin.

Josh Sheehan pulled a very solid double-backflip in the final freestyle section.

Man, front flips have really scary blind landings. Jacko Strong nailed this one, though.

Marvin Musquin's main event start was on point, and he went wire-to-wire. Unfortunately for Cole Seely, he hit the deck in the first turn when he lost the front end.

Marvin charged out front, but Zach Osborne kept him honest.

We can't say that Cedric Soubeyras was the top French rider...that obviously went to Marvin Musquin. But he was the first full-time French resident, in fifth spot.

Zach has limited time on a 450 for Supercross, but is settling in nicely.

Click start below to hear audio from Zach Osborne.

Cole Seely remounted at the tail end of the field, and worked his way through the pack (including Fabien Izoird and Cedric Soubeyras here), to grab fourth.

Yep, the French fans were digging seeing Marvin out front, and they let him know it.

Click start below to hear audio from Marvin Musquin.

Here's your top three from Saturday's action. Who will score the King of Bercy tomorrow after Sunday's racing? Marvin definitely has the early edge, but both Zach and Dean showed some serious speed.

Photos: GuyB


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