A Night of World's Firsts: Nitro World Games 2017

Things have wrapped up at the second ever Nitro World Games and per what we witnessed last year, this was also a night of world's firsts. After an insane first year on new and bigger ramps than the field has ever competed on, which allowed for more intense and technical tricks, we were curious to see how the competitors could up the level for year two. Also, due to the event itself having a year under their belt and more time for setup and qualifiers, the second-year field was stacked with a few more veterans when compared to last year's fresh-faced field.

Starting off with the FMX - Freestyle Motocross Finals, the course was a similar three jump layout, with one 100 plus foot jump and two standard length hits with multiple take-off ramps from super-kickers to front flip ramps. The eight qualified riders had only one run in the finals to lay down eight tricks, with a score being assigned to each trick and added together for the results.

Rank   Name   Overall Score  -  FMX Finals

1.  Levi Sherwood  71.63

2.  Javier Villegas  67.65

3.  Josh Sheehan  67.57

4.  Adam Jones  67.40

5.  Clinton Moore  66.56

6.  Harry Bink  63.53

7.  Steve Mini  61.45

8.  Blake Williams  58.99

33 year-old Chilean, Javier Villegas, laid things down early as the veteran put down a solid run full of high-tech tricks with great extension. With the per-trick scoring system, Javier really maximized his score on each trick and his score of 67.65 held the top spot for nearly the whole competition...even as the double backflip master, Josh Sheehan, threw down his run, coming up just a few points short of taking the the number one spot from Javier. In the end though the rubber man himself, Levi Sherwood, went out and put on the performances he's known for. Insane extension and twisting himself through each trick, plus adding in as many combos as he could. Even with scores that were going to get him a solid victory, he showed to the crowd he's willing to go big and landed his first ever double backflip in competition on his last jump, giving him over 70 points on his way defending his title. Check below for a few photos from this event, along with words from both Levi Sherwood and Javier Villegas.

Listen to Levi Sherwood

Listen to Javier Villegas

2017 Nitro World Games - Freestyle Motocross Finals Highlights


Photos from Freestyle Motocross Course Finals - Click to expand and swipe through.

Rank   Name   Overall Score  -  FMX Best Trick Finals

1.  Harry Bink  9.02

2.  William Van Den Putte  8.99

3.  Pat Bowden  8.88

4.  Josh Sheehan  8.75

5.  Brodie Carmichael  8.15

6.  Gregg Duffy  6.40

FMX Best Trick 2017 was the year of the front flip variations. Right out of the gate Josh Sheehan threw down a double back flip then followed it up on his second attempt with a double backflip heel-clicker, but it wasn't quite enough to take on the upcoming tricks. Every other rider in the field threw down a front flip variation, with Brodie Carmichael crashing on his first attempt and landing his second go, Pat Bowden and William Van Den Putte nailed there's in great fashion. Last year's champ Gregg Duffy failed to land his trick in both attempts, with the second try mangling his bike. The man who went before Duffy though, Harry Bink, over-rotated on his first attempt at the Rock Solid Front Flip, going face first and tearing his visor off ala Mike Metzger style. His second go though, he stomped the trick clean but still almost lost it on the landing...but was able to keep it together to take the victory. Scroll below for the highlights and some words from Harry Bink.

Listen to Harry Bink - 2017 FMX Best Trick Winner

2017 Nitro World Games - Freestyle Best Trick Finals Highlights


Photos from Freestyle Best Trick Finals - Click to expand and swipe through.

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