New Pipes For New Bikes From Pro Circuit

Whether it's more power, more style, or some high-end help shipping your motor, your friendly neighborhood Pro Circuit Race Shop has got you covered.

1. Pipe and Silencer for the all new Yamaha YZ65: $134.95 - $329.95

Oh yeah! Mini racers and mini dads (moms, too) rejoice! Not only did Yamaha come out with an all new 2018 YZ65, filling a gap they’ve had in their model line up since the ‘80s, Pro Circuit already has a full range of pipes and silencers willing, ready, and able to make the little blue tiddler that much faster.

Pro Circuit has both a Works Pipe and a Platinum Pipe ready for the YZ65. They both feature that classic Pro Circuit Works Pipe bend and should produce more power across the rpm range. For those wanting that legendary PC look the Works Pipe is the way to go. The Platinum Pipe features a nickel finish to stave off the elements and give a lustrous shine.

Three silencer options are available from chill to full-factory racer mode! For riders who want to keep the volume down and be US Forest Service legal, the 296 Spark Arrestor Silencer is the way to go with aluminum and stainless steel construction. For the next step in aggression, the 304 Factory Sound Silencer is ready for the mini-track rider who wants performance gains, but still a quiet machine. Last is the Ti-2 Shorty, the pinnacle of Pro Circuit’s two-stroke silencer lineup, with carbon/Kevlar and titanium construction. Not only does it have that full-factory look, but it saves weight and should crank out more juice as well.

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2. KTM/Husqvarna Factory Editions Ti-6/T-6 Exhausts: $454.95 - $999.95

In year’s past, the KTM’s Factory Editions came with aftermarket pipes already installed (Akro on the 450 and FMF on the 250). But for 2018.5, the KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition and all new Husqvarna FC 450 Rockstar Edition have OEM exhausts (FMF and Akrapovic systems are offered as accessories for both).

Now we aren’t saying anything is wrong with the stock pipes on both of these bikes, but we do know that Pro Circuit is only out to make things work better, so they went to work with these new motors and now have full and slip-on systems ready to go. If you are a pro and need to meet AMA/FIM noise limits, the Ti-6 Pro is the system for you. For amateur moto/off-road racers, the Ti-6 has all the weight savings and power gains with a removable USFA approved spark arrestor.

The T-6 full system and Slip-On muffler are stainless steel and aluminum constructed offerings that can work for the racer on a budget. You can get that Pro Circuit look and performance by trading a little extra weight for keeping some cash in your pocket.

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3. 2018 KTM 125/150 SX & Husqvarna TC 125 Pipes: $241

Long live the two-stroke! Sure the pros have spurned mixing gas, but we all know how much fun they are to ride and are still willing to shake the can! Pro Circuit could be most associated with Kawasaki, yet when Mitch Payton started PC, they were working on 125 Husqvarnas as we found out in our first ever podcast. Anyway, they haven’t forgotten they’re roots and still offer both a Works Pipe and a Platinum Pipe for the 2018 KTM 125/150 and Husqvarna TC 125. These pipes work with any silencer from 2016 and up. If you want that works look and are willing to do the maintenance to keep it looking that way, the Works Pipe is the way to go. If you want a care-free pipe, the shine of the Platinum Pipe is a better choice.

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4. Pro Circuit Flag Tee: $22.95

While we do regularly sport the company uniform (Vital MX tees), we have to mix it up every now and again (you know, laundry day). This Flag Tee pays tribute to the stars and stripes with a Pro Circuit version of Old Glory. Under the digicamo flag is “Make Moto Great Again.” Just like our forum, we leave politics and religion to other arenas - we just think this is a cool looking shirt. And with 100% soft spun cotton, this should be just as easy on your skin as it is on the eyes.

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5. Pro Circuit Pelican™ Engine Case: $600 (special order only)

We all feel trick when we have a toolbox with foam cutouts for each of our tools. Well, this is just like that but for your bike’s engine. The Pro Circuit Pelican Engine Case is how the pros ship their engines back and forth every single week.

Oh, you aren’t a pro? You don’t pull your bike down to the frame and check every nut and bolt and ship your bike’s motor to a factory engine department to take it down to the cases? We hear ya, but this still might be worth your while if you are a serious weekend warrior that gets engine work done a couple times a year. At $600, this off-bike engine protector isn’t cheap, but the peace of mind it offers is priceless. All the hard work of getting the engine out of the frame, plus the cost of shipping and engine work is enough to want to protect that investment. Packing peanuts and a cooler is just rolling the dice a little too much.

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