Moto Tracks Reopening With Caution 2

Southern California motocross tracks are cautiously reopening with strict guidelines to keep riders safe.

Moto Tracks Reopening With Caution

Let’s be clear… We are not medical experts and we arent’ weighing in on whether or not motocross tracks should or should not be opening. We are just reporting on what is happening and urge all riders to decide for themselves what is the best course of action. Riding has its risks beyond possibly coming in contact with other riders. Getting injured and requiring medical attention isn’t anything we want to happen. But we also know that many weekend warriors that just ride for fun hit the track with an abundance of caution and understand the risks involved. 

This is what we’ve heard so far. 

Lake Elsinore Motocross Park 

Open Friday-Monday, starting Saturday May 2nd. 


Fox Raceway

Open regular hours starting Friday, May 1st (Open Friday-Tuesday)

Perris Raceway

Go to to be one of the 75 riders per day. 

Updated Hours
Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Mini Night 4-9pm
Wednesday - Open Practice 4-9pm
Thursday - Open Practice 4-9pm
Friday - Open Practice 10am - 3pm
Saturday & Sunday 9am - 2pm

State Fair MX

Go to to be one of the 75 riders per day. 

Monday 9am - 2pm
Tuesday 9am - 2pm
Wednesday 9am - 2pm
Thursday 9am - 2pm
Friday - Closed
Saturday and Sunday 9am - 2pm

Glen Helen Raceway 

A 75 rider limit, first come first served. 

New Hours:
Saturday: 8am to 4pm
Sunday: 9am to dusk
Tuesday: 8am to dusk
Thursday: 8am to dusk

Cahuilla Creek MX

Limited information available. Call (951) 550-6686 for reservations. 

Cal City MX

Still closed as of now. They have sent a letter to the city and they are waiting for a response. 


As of right now they are not open to the public. According to their event calendar, they are privately rented most days. 

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