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It's always fun chatting with Hall-of-Famers, and Jeff Ward is no exception. He's been at it forever, from effortlessly wheelying his minibike in the intro of the original On Any Sunday movie, to winning a whole bunch of National championships, Supercross, and Supermoto titles. And that was just his first chapter. He later moved to four wheels with Indycars, Off-Road Trucks, Rallycross, and has had some success in each. Now when he's not out training or racing on his mountain bike, he's out giving TT races a whirl. Wardy's one of our favorite adventurers, and the subject for this week's Inside Line. Sit back and enjoy.


Here are a few of our favorite shots from Jeff in recent years.

Jeff laying down the power on a paved section at the X Games in '06.

Winning X Games gold? Yep, Jeff has done that, too.

Wardy during his off-road truck racing days.

At the finish of the RAAM event with Jeff, Micky Dymond, Doug Henry and David Bailey


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