GP Bits: MXGP of Garda | Round 16

All photos by MX July

Factory Yamaha rider Jeremy Seewer won his first overall MXGP this year with 1 - 2 moto scores.

Jeremy Seewer: “I won in MXGP last year, but it didn’t feel the same as it did today because I got that one as a present, whereas this one I got myself. I won, I raced upfront and I deserved it. No one beat me. It feels amazing after all that I have been through this year and where I have come from. I struggled all year with my health and mentally. I started to feel better a few weeks ago, and I am really happy to sit here now after getting first overall. I feel really good, and have felt good on this track, even during the last two races here. I was just really unlucky to miss the podium twice, by nothing, but it was worth the wait to be here now.”

Seewer led from holeshot to checkers in moto one. Even with a small tip over, he definitively won outright.

The MX2 Championship was decided in Trentino with Maxime Renaux taking both the overall win with 2 - 1 moto scores and securing a 110 point lead going into the last two rounds.

Maxime Renaux: “This means a lot to me. We made it! We are the World Champions in 2021 in MX2, so that is a great achievement. We had to work hard for that over the past years, and even the past few rounds here have been tough for me, very up and down, but we were able to bounce back today. I am so happy to get the world title with a race win and the GP win, which means a lot to me. It’s always something you want to grab with a win. It was an amazing day for me. I will never forget this for sure!”




Filippo Zonta on the Assomotor Honda Team bringing back the vented front number plate.

What do think of the Beta RX 450 with white plastics? I think it looks fantastic.

This is one of the most exciting MXGP seasons to date! There are only four points between the top three riders. Herlings went from red plate holder to third after the MXGP of Garda. Also, the kill switch/hand guard mount combo is a nice touch.

Jeffrey Herlings:“Where can I start?! The day actually began quite good but then went downhill from there! My start was alright in the first moto but I could not get in my rhythm for the first three laps and at one point I was 4th but lost a lot of time passing Jorge. Basically, Romain and Jeremy had then gone. 3rd place was still OK. In the second moto I really wanted to attack and go for the win. I was into 2nd on the second lap and I thought ‘this is going to be my moto’. I went over the finish line jump and wanted to chase Tim because I felt I had the speed but the bike went left-right and I was shot-off. It was my mistake but the bike was then a bit bent and I needed some laps to get used to it. The rhythm was coming back and I was close to Romain but my hand came off the bar over that same jump and I was shot to the moon. That was a big hit with a big crash. The bike was even more bent! I knew then I would need something special today. I was 10th and I needed to keep pushing because every point counts. To go home only 3 points down, I know it is still in my own hands. I didn’t make it easy for myself and the last two GPs here have been tough but it is all still possible. Thanks to Tony. Only the greatest and the biggest champions would do that. To me he not only showed his loyalty to KTM but helped me a lot because those are two very important points. Only a real team player would do that. Jorge as well, I had to pass him three times in that second moto. It was a real team effort and I cannot thank them enough.”

Tim Gajser's Honda HRC CRF450R has a what we can assume is an RPM indicator for the start that is different than some of the other bikes. Its much smaller, but a little less sano with the wire and tape job.

Tim Gajser: "The win in the last moto at Trentino was a big boost in confidence for me, heading into these last two rounds at Mantova. Obviously, the championship is very close, with just three points separating us but I still believe I can go out there and perform and get the job done. I didn’t ride Mantova at the Nations, so I don’t have such recent experience on the track, however I have ridden there quite a lot in the past and I don’t think it will have changed too much. Hopefully the weather will good for the two rounds and I will try my best to finish at the front. A big thank you to everyone involved in helping me get to this point in the championship, it has been a lot of work, especially these past few weeks so thanks to you all!"

Mathys Boisrame hopped up to the MXGP class and a fill-in factory ride for injured Ivo Monticelli.

This is a 250 SX-F from the German WZ Racing team. Nice carbon hangers and the HGS header is a little shorter than stock, but longer than the factory KTM Akro systems.

A factory Kawi KX450 with silver hose for the external oil cooler. Not sure if that is for heat or just looks. Also, that PC pipe just looks good, and it has a much 'smoother' bend than stock.

Fresh tires for the moto.

Glen Coldenhoff showed early speed, but faded a bit in both motos finishing 7th overall.

Glenn Coldenhoff: “It started well; I got the sixth time in Timed Practice, which is really good. I got a good start in the first moto, right being my teammate Jeremy (Seewer), and then I got stuck behind (Jorge) Prado and lost my rhythm. Then I dropped back and didn’t feel too comfortable. I felt better in the second moto but got stuck behind Prado again. I know I need to be more aggressive to make a pass but to be aggressive, you also need to be at the right place at the right time. Again, a disappointing result, but I will keep fighting.”

Let Herlings by? There was some drama with team KTM where Cairoli basically let Herlings pass him in the second moto. But fans are not happy!!! Here is a quote from Tony's IG: "5th overall today. Happy with the speed, not with the result but sometimes you need to Respect team orders and Help your team mates. Every Brand would have done the same if they had a team mate fighting for the world title. So to that few people sending me life threatening direct messages. STOP! I don’t deserve this because I always behave like a real gentleman INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the track!"

Carbon rotor guard necessary at Trentino because of all the rocks.

Akrapovic helping Isak Gifting show some Swedish pride on his muffler.

GASGAS is running a sheet of clear graphic s on its frame. Ironically, the plastic guard that is there to protect the frame often removes paint itself. This is a good idea for KTMs, GASGAS', and Husqvarnas.

Factory Yamaha MX2 team opting for the stock volume air box cover, while a lot of teams have moved to a bigger option or a lot of holes. You can't see, however, that the other side of the air box has an opening for the gas vent hose.

Clear plastics on the frame here too. And a really aggressive grip on the guard.

Check out the VIN on this aluminum framed KX125 that Lucas Coenen rode to 1 - 1 moto victories in the EMX125 class. It says BUDKX125SX2021.

Also the Ohlins suspension and BUD split clamps are rad, too!

I'd love to see what a KX125AF would feel like.

The RFME F4 GASGAS Racing Team from Spain has their kit/bike combo on lock.

Cool coating on the WP shock res, and very on brand with the Doma exhaust.

Honda HRC with the festive touch. I wonder if they know about David S. Pumpkins over there?

That's it from Trentino.


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