GP Bits: MXGP of Belgium | Round 14 7

Are you ready for a little sandblasting? The MXGP of Belgium means another trip to Lommel.

Diving into the first turn, it's Tim Gajser (243) out front, followed closely by Arnaud Tonus (4), Romain Febvre (461), and Glenn Coldenhoff (259).

Max Anstie won his first MXGP moto in the second frame, finishing ahead of Tim Gajser and Glenn Coldenhoff.

Glenn Coldenhoff finished third on the day, and said afterward, “It is great. Two weeks ago I didn’t feel good in the sand, but the team helped with a great bike and I give it to those guys. I am happy to be back up here and I enjoy it. The sand always suits me well, and it is easier than hard pack for me."

The bad news for Glenn Coldenhoff? The trash can (like the American teams use) was full, so he got a cooling shower via bucket afterward.

Brian Bogers catching a lift to the gate.

Romain Febvre before...


...and after. There's nothing quite like getting sandblasted at Lommel.

While practicing at Lommel, Jed Beaton hit his chest on the bars that he fractured his sternum, and had to sit out the race.

Though he's not really a sand specialist, Tim Gajser went 2-2 is closing in on another MXGP crown. He was also sporting something other than the plain white helmet that he'd worn recently.

Tim was also working his way through a bunch of the new Fox gear last weekend.

More new Fox goodies.

See? We told you he got most of the new stuff in.

We're kind of surprised that the U.S. teams haven't adopted the lift stands that the GP crowd favor.

That Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna pit area looks almost like an operating room.

Gautier Paulin was tenth overall in Belgium, with a 10-9 score.

There are still plenty of differences on each side of the pond, but maybe not quite as much of the differences that we used to see.

A fourth and fifth in the two motos was good for fourth on the day, but Jeremy Seewer still sits in second overall in the MXGP standings.

Shaun Simpson blipping some concentric circles in the sand.

The Belgian MXoN team was announced at Lommel, and Kevin Strijbos will be among the crew that also includes Jeremy van Horebeek and Jago Geerts.

Jeremy van Horebeek was fifth overall among the MXGP crew with a sixth and seventh in the two motos. He actually ran better than that in both motos, but crashes hurt his overall.

How about some peeks at Arnaud Tonus' bike?




The Benny Bloss of the MXGP circuit, Arminas Jasikonis

That's wrong in any language. Easy on the clutch, Pauls.

Drink cam?

Yikes. That's not a good day for EMX250 competitor, John Adamson.

The MXGP crowd have it going on with their wash areas, and there's lots to wash up from at Lommel.

A couple of Seewer fans looking for a good vantage point.

Jorge Prado leads the MX2 crowd into the first turn in one of the motos.

Holy cow, talk about sandblasted. That's Jago Geerts, who crashed at the start of the first moto, but put in a sensational ride to finish in second. Unfortunately, a DNF in moto two derailed his day.

F&H Racing Kawasaki's Adam Sterry had his share of troubles, but still managed to finish fifth on the day in MX2.

Like we said... Here Adam gets tangled up with his teammate, Henry Jacobi.

If you believe the rumors, Frenchman Brian Moreau is slated to make his way to the U.S. in '20.

Thomas Kjer Olsen was fifth this weekend in Belgium, but still holds down second in the MX2 standings...though he's over 120 points behind Jorge Prado.

Jorge Prado's Red Bull KTM bike looks a lot more like the 450 factory bikes here, both in graphic look, and with the same sponsors.

The vented plate is a nice tough to keep the quarter-liter Katoom cool while heavily loaded in the sand.

The polish on the linkage...nice.

Like the 450s here, the 250 KTMs run Akrapovic exhausts and mufflers.

On our side of the pond we're used to seeing the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM bikes equipped with FMF exhausts.

Like here, Akrapovic provides the factory squads with a variety of carbon goodies for their bikes.

Here's a WP shock you're not likely to see on a 250 KTM on this side of the Atlantic.

Jorge Prado has been dominant in '19. Barring something unforeseen, expect that to continue

Jorge Prado, ready for moto two.

Yeah, that's a sure sign of a good day.

That's one happy crew.

Tom Vialle scored a pair of fourths in the sand.

Dutchman Calvin Vlaanderen had a 7-2 day for second overall in MX2.

Yep, Calvin Vlaanderen had podium vibes.

Ben Watson and crew were pumped after his third-place overall.

A tenth in the first moto was the highlight for Darian Sanayei.

This was Ben Watson's first race back in a while, and he was surprised with his podium appearance.

Kevin Horgmo was out front early in EMX250 action while the track was still prime. It didn't stay that way long.

How about a peek around Mikkel Haarup's EMX250 Husqvarna? His 2-8 day was good for third overall in the sand.

Rekluse? Check.

FMF? Also check.

We're seeing a lot more Dunlops on the GP circuit than we had in the past.


...and after for Denmark's Mikkel Haarup.

Roan Van De Moosdijk swept both motos in the EMX250 class. Here's a peek at his F&H Kawasaki.

Obviously, the Rekluse clutch would be a variance from the 250 Kawis over here, but a lot of the rest looks the same.



The XTrig clamps would be a different item compared to the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki bikes.

We've heard Roan's name mentioned as a possibility for the Dutch MXoN team.

Mattia Guadagnini (101) is the EMX125 points leader, and after a 1-2 day, he'll continue to carry it to the next round.

Liam Everts (yep, the third-generation MXer) was eight overall on his KTM, with a 6-6 day.

Guillem Farres is holding down ninth in the EMX125 class, and here's a peek at his KTM.

We're not familiar with the PPS exhausts, but they look pretty interesting.

There's more carbon going on here than some of the MXGP bikes.

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