GP Bits: 2020 Best Of Gear and Pits

MXGP of Great Britain: The 2020 version of the Cairoli signature colorway.

MXGP of Great Britain: At this point in the year, the MXGP guys were the only ones to get their hands on the Sidi ATOJO boots.

MXGP of Great Britain: This was the first sighting of the full-length pop-out pit trailer that Husky was rocking last.


MXGP of Great Britain: 114 Motorsports MX2 team pits.

MXGP of Great Britain: Thomas Kjer Olsen has a gnarly-looking Ortema wrist brace.

MXGP of The Netherlands: Another shot of the Husky pits. They updated the front steps to have a much bigger ramp.

MXGP of Latvia: This was the first race back after all the shutdowns. This looks completely normal now, but it was still super weird then.

MXGP of Latvia: Again, weird then, not now.

MXGP of Latvia: Cairoli has been with KTM for 10 years now.

MXGP of Latvia: Just in case he doesn't see all the 222s, Tony's helmet has his name on the nose guard.

MXGP of Latvia: At this point, we didn't know this would be Clement Desalle's last season in MXGP.

MXGP of Latvia: Seewer with the custom Shoei VFX-EVO. Also, using his goggle strap as sponsor space for a Swiss watch brand.

MXGP of Latvia: Seewer's one of many. And is he smuggling his phone in his jersey or what?

MXGP of Latvia: We've seen Prado wear both the ATOJO and the Crossfire 3s.

MXGP of Latvia: Airoh loves their sparkles.

MXGP of Latvia: Rene Hofer's butt patch.

MXGP of Latvia: Herlings' with a little Looney Tunes.

MXGP of Riga: Even their stands look impressive.

MXGP of Riga: Mrs. Cairoli.

MXGP of Riga: Maybe for his kids?

MXGP of Riga: Dutch pride and fire.

MXGP of Riga: That TT-R110E is a beast, we've just tested one.

MXGP of Kegums: As probably the tallest rider on the gate, Arminas Jasikonis also has the tallest blocks, which doesn't make much since, but if you notice, his heel is already on the peg with he takes off. No need to lift those long legs on to the pegs after the start.

MXGP of Kegums: More of Seewer's turtle design.
MXGP of Kegums: Airoh helmets are not want for flash.

MXGP of Kegums: Custom Tech 10s for the Swiss rider.

MXGP of Kegums: As another tall rider, Herlings keeps his blocks super low.

MXGP of Kegums: A mask is another place for sponsors...

MXGP of Kegums: Arnaud Tonus with the custom Arai.

MXGP of Kegums: Standing Construct GASGAS pit.

MXGP of Italy: Herlings with the fire shark.

MXGP of Italy: Romain Febvre's custom Astars lid.

MXGP of Citta di Faenza: Option one.
MXGP of Citta di Faenza: Option two.

MXGP of Citta di Faenza: CD's wife picks his butt patches.

MXGP of Citta di Faenza: Febvre always in attack position.

MXGP of Emilia Romagna: Seewer or Paulin.

MXGP of Emilia Romagna: Hi-viz and navy Cairoli specials.

MXGP of Emilia Romagna: When you are too gassed to make it into the trailer.

MXGP of Lombardia: All about that cheat day.

MXGP of Lombardia: "and I like to use both hands to put in the air filter, like this."

MXGP of Citta di Mantova: Camo for Clement.
MXGP of Citta di Mantova: Glenn all Red-Bulled out.

MXGP of Europe: Motocross ninja.

MXGP of Europe: Arminas Jasikonis had a bad crash and many riders were showing support.

MXGP of Europe: What else could you use these for?

MXGP of Flanders: Real mxers wear pink.

MXGP of Flanders: Sur Ron Electric pit bike.

MXGP of Trentino: Courtney Duncan's championship helmet.

MXGP of Trentino: Little Cairoli is already MX royalty.

MXGP of Trentino: Punk rock.

MXGP of Pietramurata: Vialle's championship helmet.

MXGP of Garda Trentino: Desalle's last helmet.

MXGP of Garda Trentino: Bye!

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