Click the following link for a video First Look at the QTM Oversized Rotor Kit.

Are you ready for some more pucker power from your front brake? Do you have the skills needed to take advantage of a full 270mm of front rotor? Check out the link above.


Update: A while back we gave you a Vital MX video First Look at the QTM Oversized Rotor Kit, and you can see the video above. After giving it a try on the track, here’s what one of our Vital MX testers had to say…

“The installation was very easy. It was only about 10 minutes (without reading the directions) and the billet stuff looks great on the bike.” Actually, we didn’t provide him with any directions, except that he should use the stock pads.

Continuing, he added, “On the track I have become accustomed to braking with only one finger. I immediately felt the difference on the track with the bigger rotor. At first it seemed really overly sensitive, but after a couple laps I got used to it. Since I brake with one finger I really liked it in the hard braking areas. It almost seemed as though I could brake with half the power on the lever.”

“The only thing that I haven't done yet is run it at Glen Helen on the big hills. I think I would really notice the difference there.”

“Anyway, overall it seems like a good investment, but it does seem a bit pricey ($299).”

Thanks, Jason.

Okay, you heard the man. If you’re an experienced racer who can benefit from a more powerful front brake, this is one good option for addng braking power.

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