First Look: Moose Racing Spring 2019 M1 Agroid Gear

Moose Racing releases a new version of its mid-level motocross gear with four colorways and racier cut.

Vital MX: While this is just hitting the shelves right now, here at Vital we’ve actually been riding in a set of the M1 Agroid gear for our 450 XC Shootout over the last few weeks. Our tester that was wearing the gear was pleasantly surprised by the fit and feel of the gear, especially that it is Moose’s mid-level motocross gear. He commented that the fit was accurate to his 30 inch waist, and the medium size jersey wasn’t too baggy and had a good neutral cut. We can say that, in person it looks pretty good and the profile is more motocrossy and race-oriented than some of the Moose gear that we’ve experienced in the past. Check out what Moose has to say about the M1 Agroid gear below. 

Press Release

January 31st, 2019 – Janesville, WI – Cutting-edge design and superior construction set the Moose Racing M1 Agroid racewear apart from the competition. Based on the race-winning M1 racewear chassis, the new M1 Agroid racewear features a brand new look 20 years in the making. Combine the innovative look with premium features such as a semi-vented and moisture wicking jersey, triple-stitched pants with full grain genuine leather knee panels and you have the ideal set of racewear for any condition. Available in four different colorways, the M1 Agroid racewear and matching MX2 glove are available now at your local Parts Unlimited dealer. 

Jersey Suggested Retail $39.95. 

Pant Suggested Retail $109.95. 

Glove Suggested Retail $19.95. 

Visit for more information.


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