While at one of our local tracks today, we spotted Atlas' Brady Sheren checking in with some pro riders, and showing off the latest evolution of their brace line, the Atlas Air.

They redesigned the shape of the split frame, and it's now said to weigh in at 1.3 pounds...lighter than the prior carbon version of the brace. The overall height of the brace has been reduced, but the surface area in contact with your body has been boosted to help further distribute crash impact over a larger area. There are also five different color combos, and four pad colors. This one's the red tornado.

There's a new Easy Open lock system, and it's spread across their whole model lineup. It's also said to offer better sealing, to keep out water and debris.

The two suspension pads operates independently on your chest, and now have 30mm of travel, a 300% increase over the previous design, but it's also slightly stiffer than before.

Throughout the brace, the pads are now lighter weight...think like the foam on a premium running shoe.

The strap clip has been refined.

The pads that sit on top of your shoulders can be adjusted with to fine-tune the height of the brace with these shims.

There's new lighter hardware on the split strap. The flexibility on the brace is a boost for comfort.

The back pads look shorter, but are bigger overall. They're also adjustable for -10°, 0°, and +10° so that a wider variety of riders can be fitted comfortably.

Wil Hahn was among the riders trying out the new version today.

We'll get our hands on one of the Atlas Air braces soon, and do up a full review. Watch for it!

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