First Look: 2022 GASGAS Motocross and Off-Road Models

For 2022 GASGAS is adding four 'new' models to its line up, including the much-requested 250 two-stroke motocross machine: MC 250.

Vital MX: No news of changes or updates to the current GASGAS moto or off-road bikes, but for 2022 they are adding four "new" models to the lineup. We put quotes around the word new because the bikes they are introducing are only new to the red Austrian brand, but have existed in slightly different forms in orange and white. Two-stroke fans will be happy to have another 250 two-stroke motocross bike to choose from with the MC 250, as well as the new EX 250 and EC 250, cross-country and enduro two-strokes, respectively. There is also a MC 350F to fill out the full range of motocross bikes. 


Motocross, enduro and cross-country machinery will be joined by four all-new models for 2022 to deliver a 17-bike-strong GASGAS offroad range

MURRIETA, Calif. – Let’s get on the gas! GASGAS Motorcycles North America is pleased to introduce the 2022 range of motocross, enduro and cross-country models. We’re super-proud of the bikes we launched just under a year ago, but we’re going a little bigger for 2022, adding four new machines to ensure we offer the most comprehensive dirt bike line-up there is! From the new MC 250, EX 250 and EC 250 screaming 2-strokes to the best-of-both-worlds MC 350F grunting 4-stroke, the GASGAS model range has never looked – or sounded – so good. 

  • GASGAS Motorcycles launch 17-bike 2022 model range
  • Four all-new models join the motocross, cross-country and enduro lineup
  • Extensive range of Technical Accessories and Apparel

Ensuring all bikes deliver vibrant styling, the latest technology and ease-of-use, we’ve established a 17-bike-strong range of no-nonsense, user-friendly, performance offroad motorcycles. All benefiting from the group’s robust, high-performance technical base, each one of our bikes embraces a distinct Spanish style as we continue to celebrate the rich and proud heritage GASGAS has in trial competition and offroad racing. The best way to celebrate this heritage, of course, is to build on this base with new models, new titles and new riders. 


Delivering on our plan to bring fresh energy to the MX scene, and with a coveted AMA 450SX race-win now under our belt, it was time to expand the line! The MC range now includes the highly-requested, all-new MC 250 2-stroke and MC 350F 4-stroke machines. The new MC 250 delivers everything 2-stroke lovers need to race or play and, most importantly, enjoy a dirt-ripping, heart-pumping ride. Turn to the new MC 350F to strike the perfect balance between motor and mobility, while play-riding or riding to win. Now boasting an even more complete range of motocross bikes, our no-nonsense approach to performance means all of our models deliver proven technology, vibrant styling and an overall simplicity that invites riders of all types to unite in the dirt. Enjoying fun-filled muddy weekends riding and racing with friends is what our MC 125, MC 250, MC 250F, MC 350F and MC 450F motocross bikes are all about.  

2022 GASGAS MC 450F

2022 GASGAS MC 350F

2022 GASGAS MC 250F

2022 GASGAS MC 250


2022 GASGAS MC 125


We want to make sure kids have fun too! Focused on bringing new riders into the offroad world, our model range features four GASGAS minis, designed for kids ages four to 15 years. With three high-revving, fun-filled 2-strokes, our MC 50, MC 65 and MC 85 allow riders to unite in the dirt, confident of having the very best bikes. To keep young riders’ confidence high, the MC 85 is available in either a 19/16 or 17/14 wheel combination. Our all-electric MC-E 5 is super quiet and super fun – a fully-fledged, quick-charging competition bike that’s perfect for beginner all the way to advanced riders, while benefitting from zero emissions and almost zero sound. The GASGAS mini range ensures no-nonsense performance bikes that are built to excite and encourage youngsters to develop new skills. 


2022 GASGAS MC E-5

2022 GASGAS MC 50

2022 GASGAS MC 60

2022 GASGAS MC 85 17/14

2022 GASGAS MC 85 19/16


True to the brand’s enduro heritage, the EC 300 can now count the new EC 250 as a quick-revving, nimble stablemate. The halo EC 300 delivers the unmatched thrill of offroad riding like no other, while the EC 250 is the easy-to-ride, easy-to-race middleweight that you can trust to provide torque and high-revving fun in ample supply. Enduro is at the heart of GASGAS. That’s why our EC 250 and EC 300 focus on ensuring fun and putting a serious enduro bike into the hands of riders who love offroad racing. Our competition 2-strokes feature the latest technology and celebrate our unique Spanish heritage and enduro know-how. Utilizing a well-proven performance platform, our enduro bikes are all about pure riding enjoyment.  

2022 GASGAS EC 300

2022 GASGAS EC 250


GASGAS motorcycles aren’t about compromises or limits. We want to deliver exactly what you need to tackle any terrain with ease and smiles. Our dedicated cross-country models clearly illustrate this approach, and sit shoulder-to-shoulder with our MC and EC models to offer playful, energetic offroad performance that meets the needs of woods racers of all stripes. To fill out the ranks of this dirt-ripping cross-country collection, the comprehensive model range has added the EX 250 quarter-liter 2-stroke to provide offroad riders and racers with a flickable, high-revving cross-country screamer. Get ready to own the woods!  

2022 GASGAS EX 450F

2022 GASGAS EX 350F

2022 GASGAS EX 250F

2022 GASGAS EX 300

2022 GASGAS EX 250


Technical Accessories and Apparel 

To get the most out of our exciting lineup of performance offroad bikes, we also offer a full range of GASGAS Technical Accessories and Apparel. Great looking gear that delivers protection, comfort and style, we’ve got motocross, enduro, trials, cross-country and mini riders and racers covered! For those looking to protect, improve and customize their MC, EC, EX or TXT machines, our extensive range of Technical Accessories includes just about everything needed, from wheels to exhaust systems, triple clamps to hand guards. 

The 2022 GASGAS motocross, enduro and cross-country models will begin arriving at authorized GASGAS dealers from August 2021 onward. Look for the MC 250, MC 350F and MC 85 17/14 to hit dealer floors this October. For more information on our exhilarating lineup of 2022 offroad motorcycles, visit


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