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The new Prime Pro is the big dog in the yard for 2019 in Thor’s motocross gear lineup. Plus, if you hated the cat print jersey, its all grown up and ready for revenge.


Last year was 50 years in the motocross gear game for Thor. This year, Torsten Hallman Original Racewear has slimmed down its line of gear and beefed it up at the same time. Looking at the bigger picture, gone is the Fuse line of gear. As the former premium moto gear in Thor’s line, it became (according to Thor) a little dated. The thicker, burlier Fuse has been replaced with the slimmer, more minimalist Prime Pro. This gear is the evolution of the very popular Prime Fit line. Returning are the mid-level Pulse and entry-level Sector gear along with boots, bags, goggles, protection and a helmet. 

Where the line of gear got a little bigger is in the off-road realm. The Terrain gear line is heavily updated from previous years. There are three kits, each with both an In-The-Boot and Over-The-Boot pant option. Rounding out the Terrain off-road gear line is a mid-level jacket with three colorways to match the three different sets of gear.

Thor has also reached back in time for a touch of retro flare with six different HALLMAN jerseys. They are stand alone jerseys that don’t have matching pants and the cut seems to mirror that of the Pulse jerseys. The graphics are classic 70’s motocross for those riders looking for modern gear that still stirs up that nostalgia.

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