Gareth Swanepoel had one of those outdoor seasons you dream about. Well, if you have nightmares, that is. A broken leg sidelined him for a good chunk of the season, and left him little chance to show what he could do.

Jessica Patterson’s season ended much the same way, with an injured ankle, and having to sit on the sidelines for a while. With her new Suzuki 450 and mechanic Eddie Ray both sitting idle, they decided to team up with Thomas Fichter at N-Fab, and Alan Brown at Ti-Lube/Foremost racing, and We All Ride, and go racing at the Monster Energy Cup. You’ll see a whole different logo package on Gareth and the bike for that race.


Vital MX: First off, tell me how the Outdoor season ended for you.

Gareth Swanepoel: Well, not very good. Of course I broke my leg, my tibial plateau and the fibula, too. So that wasn’t too good. But then luckily I managed to get...Dr. Alexander fixed me up really good, that worked at Rancho California the physio there. Helped me get strong really fast. That was the end of my Outdoor season of course, but now we’re just focusing on getting ready for the Monster Energy Cup.

Yeah, tell me about this whole deal. This is something completely different for you.

I got the all clear on riding from the doctor and obviously Thomas from N-Fab is a personal sponsor of mine, and of course Jessica Patterson and Eddie Ray, so we just decided, and they said, “Oh, we’ve got a brand new Suzuki 450. Why don’t you start riding on that and see how you feel?” Started to ride on that and that all started going good. We decided let’s try to ride the Monster Energy Cup. And then Allan Brown and the Ti-Lube team, they came to the party,  too. And then also We All Ride have helped me out too. So a couple of sponsors… We’re going to go out there and see what we can do.

Kind of go out and see what you can do, see if you can make a little noise and get on everybody’s radar again for next year?

Yeah, pretty much, but also just to start racing again. At the end of the day it’s our job, it’s what we do. So there’s good prize money and of course I want to go prove to everyone what I can do. It’s never easy. I was of course coming back from injury, but I feel like I’m in as good shape as I could be. So let’s hope I go out there and make some waves.


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