Cage Match | Getting Tight & Technical in Endurocross 3

The Endurocross Season was condensed into a couple of weeks; and in the end, limited to one location. But it produced some great racing.

Cage Match | Getting Tight & Technical in Endurocross

Ah yes, 2020 has been a challenge for every race season to complete, and that included the technical wizards that compete in the Endurocross series. Initially, the six-round series was supposed to feature four rounds at Glen Helen (after being moved from Fox Raceway), and then a pair of events in Idaho. But after Covid-19 restrictions made the Idaho rounds impossible to do, the entirety of the schedule was completed at Glen Helen Raceway. Shaeffer Tracks was enlisted to build the courses, and they got a substantial makeover every couple of rounds. 

Of course, the courses featured most of the usual obstacles, including the log matrix, wood pit, and rock gardens. While the traditional waterhole was missing for this season, they made up for it with plenty of log, tire, and K-Rail obstacles. With some races on back-to-back days, this was a tough one on the riders. We heard plenty of stories about bulging discs, fingernails getting dislodged, should injuries, stitched required between rounds, and more. One thing is for sure, these guys are tough. Here's some of what we saw.

Who's ready to charge into a rock garden? This was among the first obstacles the riders got to hit every race.

Colton Haaker had opted out of a lot of the events earlier in the year due to injuries, but was set to go for another title.

It was wild watching these guys attack the concrete barriers on the course. Frequently you'd see them wheelie for the first one, and carry the front wheel over the second one as well, without ever touching down. Colton's going for a little more aggressive attack here.

Cody Webb is one of the usual protagonists in the series, and he and Colton were often dicing on the track. He won one overall this season, and finished second overall.

Cody's Sherco was also the top two-stroke in the Pro class.

Trystan Hart (right) was recently added to the KTM Factory squad, and the Canadian nabbed a pair of overall wins (including his first-ever EX win) on the season.

Trystan picked up his first win in the third event.

For a while, it looked like he might be a big thorn in Haaker's title defense plans.

Unfortunately, this crash resulted in a trip to the ER to get stitched between his thumb and forefinger, and made it really tough to hang onto the bars for the rest of the season.

Fourth overall this season? That went to second-generation racer, Cooper Abbott

Cooper's dad, Destry, was a frequent presence around the track. Obviously, that day was Casual Day. One of the more unique parts of Endurocross is the inverted start for the second of the three-race format. It was interesting to see who the fast guys would pick to line up behind for the start of those...and also how quickly they'd work through the pack.

Beta's Benjamin Herrera was sixth and eighth in the first two rounds...

Unfortunately, a shoulder injury sidelined him for the bulk of the series.

With the rapid pace of the races (and rounds), frequent lead changes, technical courses, it was entertaining to watch, and pretty unpredictable. But betting against any of these four was a bad idea.

The action was relentless.

Trystan Hart was proving to be a thorn in the sides of the Colton and Cody show.

There is a lot of talent sprinkled through the pack.

We've spent years shooting EX indoors, and the change to the outside (particularly during golden hour) made for some cool visuals, though it might not have always been the best for the riders.

As it got later in the season, it was apparent that Colton was the man to beat. He never gave up the points lead, though the other riders did keep the pressure on him.

Concentration time...and filling-rattling.

Spencer Wilton is another Canadian to watch...

Yep, it's full-contact. Hmm...imagine the SX crowd finding a big log as they exited the first sweeper after a start.

The single location helped keep costs down for privateer riders like Ryder Leblond. He's another one to watch.


1. Oh-oh, that pinned wrist, and panic rev sound usually doesn't end well.
2. Thing were not looking good initially.
3. It wasn't getting better after landing.
4. Oof.
5. Amazingly, Noah Kepple held it together and rode out of this one.
6. Time for a new set of shorts.

We're always amazed at the variety of brands that we find competing in these events. TM, Sherco, Beta, and more are well-represented. Ty Cullins finished eighth overall in the series.

Make that Endurocross championship number four for Colton.

In the Pro Women's action, Shelby Turner nearly made it a clean sweep for the series, winning five of the six events. She also won two events in the Intermediate class, racing against the guys.

Morgan Tanke kept Shelby from making it a clean sweep by winning the final event after Shelby went down early.

Want to catch the action on TV? 

Check your local listings for Fox Sports 1.

Saturday, November 7th 8:00 AM Eastern Round One
Saturday, November 7th 9:00 AM Eastern Round Two
Saturday, November 14th 8:00 AM Eastern Round Three
Saturday, November 14th 9:00 AM Eastern Round Four
Sunday, November 22nd 10:00 AM Eastern Round Five
Sunday, November 22nd 11:00 AM Eastern Round Six

Super (Pro) Round 1

1. Colton Haaker (Husqvarna) 1-3-1
2. Cody Webb (Sherco) 2-2-2
3. Cooper Abbott (KTM) 4-1-4
4. Trystan Hart (KTM) 3-8-3
5. Cory Graffunder (Yamaha) 5-4-5
6. Noah Kepple (Husqvarna) 7-6-6
7. Max Gerston (Beta) 6-9-7
8. Benjamin Herrera (Beta) 8-7-8
9. Ty Cullins (TM) 12-5-10
10. William Riordan (KTM) 9-10-9

Championship Points After Round 1

1. Colton Haaker 25
2. Cody Webb 22
3. Cooper Abbott 20
4. Trystan Hart 18
5. Cory Graffunder 16

Super (Pro) Round 2

1. Colton Haaker (Husqvarna) 3-1-1
2. Trystan Hart (KTM) 1-4-2
3. Cody Webb (Sherco) 2-2-3
4. Cory Graffunder (Yamaha) 5-3-5
5. Cooper Abbott (KTM) 4-5-7
6. Benjamin Herrera (Beta) 7-6-4
7. Noah Kepple (Husqvarna) 8-8-6
8. Ryder Leblond (KTM) 6-7-10
9. Anthony Johnson (KTM) 10-9-8
10. William Riordan (KTM) 9-10-11

Championship Points After Round 2

1. Colton Haaker 50
2.  Cody Webb 42
3. Trystan Hart 40
4. Cooper Abbott 36
5. Cory Graffunder 34

Super (Pro) Round 3

1. Trystan Hart (KTM) 2-2-1
2. Colton Haaker (Husqvarna) 1-3-2
3. Cody Webb (Sherco) 3-1-3
4. Cooper Abbott (KTM) 4-5-5
5. Max Gerston (Beta) 5-6-4
6. Benjamin Herrera (Beta) 6-8-7
7. Noah Kepple (Husqvarna)  9-4-9
8. Cory Graffunder (Yamaha) 7-12-6
9. William Riordan (KTM) 12-11-8
10. Spencer Walton (KTM) 14-7-10

Championship Points After Round 3

1. Colton Haaker 72
2. Trystan Hart 65
3. Cody Webb 62
4. Cooper Abbott 54
5. Cory Graffunder 47

Super (Pro) Round 4

1. Colton Haaker (Husqvarna) 3-1-1
2. Cody Webb (Sherco) 2-2-2
3. Trystan Hart (KTM) 1-3-3
4. Cooper Abbott (KTM) 4-4-6
5. Max Gerston (Beta) 6-5-4
6. Cory Graffunder (Yamaha) 5-6-5
7. Noah Kepple (Husqvarna)  8-10-7
8. Ty Cullins (TM) 7-9-9
9. Spenser Wilton (KTM) 9-7-10
10. Ryder Leblond (KTM) 14-8-8

Championship Points After Round 4

1. Colton Haaker 97
2. Trystan Hart 85
3. Cody Webb 84
4. Cooper Abbott 72
5. Cory Graffunder 62

Super (Pro) Round 5

1. Cody Webb (Sherco) 3-1-2
2. Colton Haaker (Husqvarna) 1-6-1
3. Trystan Hart (KTM) 2-3-4
4. Cooper Abbott (KTM) 7-2-3
5. Max Gerston (Beta) 4-4-5
6. Noah Kepple (Husqvarna) 5-5-8
7. Cory Graffunder (Yamaha) 8-8-6
8. Ty Cullins (TM) 6-11-7
9. Spenser Wilton (KTM) 13-7-9
10. Ryder Leblond (KTM) 10-9-10

Championship Points After Round 5

1. Colton Haaker 119
2. Cody Webb 109
3. Trystan Hart 105
4. Cooper Abbott 90
5. Cory Graffunder 76

Super (Pro) Round 6

1. Trystan Hart (KTM) 1-2-1
2. Cody Webb (Sherco) 2-1-2
3. Colton Haaker (Husqvarna) 3-3-3
4. Max Gerston (Beta) 4-4-6
5. Noah Kepple (Husqvarna) 7-5-4
6. Cooper Abbott (KTM) 5-7-5
7. Cory Graffunder (Yamaha) 6-6-7
8. William Riordan (KTM) 8-9-9
9. Ryder Leblond (KTM) 10-8-10
10. Ty Cullins (TM) 11-10-8

Final Super (Pro) Championship Points

1. Colton Haaker 139 (3 wins)
2. Cody Webb 131 (1 win)
3. Trystan Hart 130 (2 wins)
4. Cooper Abbott 105
5. Cory Graffunder 90
6. Noah Kepple 88
7.  Max Gerston 54
8. Ty Cullins 68
9. William Riordan 67
10. Ryder Leblond 61
10. Spencer Wilton 61

Final Pro Women Championship Points

1. Shelby Turner (KTM) 147 (5 wins)
2. Morgan Tanke (Beta) 129 (1 win)
3. Louise Forsley (Sherco) 126
4. Cydney Reinen (Husqvarna) 50
5. Allie Stambaugh (KTM) 36

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