Hurry Up And Wait 1

It sure is odd how fast what used to be unthinkable has now become the norm. We'll keep our fingers crossed for updates (and a rescheduled start date for the Nationals) soon.

Hurry Up And Wait

Ah, just when we though it was safe to go back into the racing... (cue Jaws theme music).

We were hoping to get back to action quickly after the finish of the Monster Energy Supercross season, and dive right into the annual summer tour that makes up the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, but no such luck. As we got into the final rounds of the reschedule SX season with no confirmation of additional outdoor rounds beyond the pair initially announced, the more we started to wonder about what our summer would really look like. Granted, the successful single-location method used to wrap up the Monster Energy Supercross season made it comparatively easy to schedule, but it was still far from easy to jump through all the regulatory hoops required to get it done in the current COVID-19 climate.

Since there's no historical playbook for any of this, we'll just have to wait patiently until things settle down, and hope for a reasonably quick resolution. The cross-country travel makes it infinitely tougher for teams and riders to fly, and the transporters who cross state lines, especially with the constantly-changing rules and regulations for each state along the way. The last time we talked to Davey Coombs, the MX Sports crew were on something in the neighborhood of Plan Q. We also can't imagine what the MXGP guys are going through, given their globetrotting schedule, though the concept of multiple rounds in single locations seems to be picking up steam.

We stopped by Glen Helen last week to see what everyone was up to, and at least for the moment, testing and riding was still a go. When we asked Wil Hahn if the postponement had thrown a wrench into the teams plans, he shrugged and admitted, "We're used to it."

It sure is odd how fast what used to be unthinkable has now become the norm. We'll keep our fingers crossed for updates (and a rescheduled start date for the Nationals) soon.

Ah yes, while it won't be at Glen Helen for the Nationals, we can't wait for the stands to be filled with fans again. Justin Barcia was ripping around the track, as usual.

Aaron Plessinger was getting his laps in, as well.

Ryan Villopoto was on hand, riding both Justin and Aaron's bikes, plus a third bike

David Vuillemin keeping a watchful eye on Dylan Ferrandis.

Broc Tickle was getting in some early season testing.

It was good to see Max Anstie in action. How about a little tea-ser of the new H.E.P. Motorsports sponsor?

Ah yeah, it's the Enticknap brother act, with Adam (above), and Tyler (below).


It was good to see some old friends in action, like Josh Grant, who was putting in some laps for fun.

JG and Glen Helen have spent a lot of time together, and he makes the place look easy.

Alex Ray lights up a GH berm.

Coty Schock laying down the power.

Derek Drake floats over the west end of GH.

Take that, jump lip. Brandon Hartranft in the saddle.

The WORCs guys were well represented on the track at Glen Helen. Chance Fullerton lays waste to this berm.

Zach Bell throwing down.

Robby Bell still gets gets it quickly.

Jo Shimoda was holding it down on the pro side for the GEICO Honda crew.

Hunter Yoder was having a lot of fun on the big jump at the west end of the track.

Carson Mumford was putting some polish on his program at Glen Helen...and sporting a new number.

There were a full slate of KTM amateurs on hand, getting ready for Loretta's. That included Max Vohland (above), and Josh Varize (below).


One more flattie before we go? Sure! Mitchell Falk had dialed in a Yamaha to go racing with before he hooked up with BWR Engines for the Supercross season, and he was putting it through its paces...and having some fun at the same time.

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