The show before the show at Daytona was the press conference where AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman, and Roger Edmondson of the Daytona Motorsport Group (DMG), met with the press. In a press release distributed earlier in the day, it was explained that the groups had agreed to on a sale of the sanctioning, promotional and management rights for all The AMA Pro Racing categories, with the exception of Supercross and Arenacross, which are held by Live Nation.

From comments made during the press conference, it appeared that DMG was most interested in the road racing property (something Edmondson has experience with), and may sub out the operation of some other areas (including motocross) to other parties.

At least for now, the question of which group would win the bidding has been answered. Now it remains to be seen who will actually run the motocross portion of the business.

You can check out the videos below to get a feel for the men behind the deal.

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