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My last couple of helmets have been Arai. They fit my head really comfortably, the only quality helmet that does, and with their known safety it was a no brainer. That said, after reading a bunch about the new MIPS, etc., I tried on a 6D and it fit just ... more »

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"Just may have almost floated the valves a couple times, but we’re good.” Love it. Would really like to see him up front with a good start.

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So would a 4st be BRUUP? And an Ebike more of a puuuuu? Kind of like a silent fart?

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Hard blue groove turns seem to wreak a bit of havic on almost all the riders at one point or another. I also like the sand sections. Especially the last one that seemed to change as the motos went along. That sand section really screwed KR up by him ... more »

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Once again I enjoyed Blair's Breakdown. Always enjoy the onboard camera views, especially the starts. Question, I thought AMA does not allow helmet cams any more. Did I miss something?

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"It's more of a middle-aged wannabe guido sort of thing". Now that's harsh!!! I love it.

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Do I think he adds anything credible to the broadcast? No. Would I rather never see him on a SX broadcast again. Yes. But the bottom line is that he is an entertainer, probably having a ton of fun doing all the different stuff that he is doing and probably ... more »

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Great track breakdown. Blair is really good overall for the broadcast. Very knowledgeable. He's been there, done that. Not a TV gimmick. Get rid of Rut and Screech and give him more air time!!!

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He was holding his wrist/hand pretty tight when he got up and looked like he was figuring how best to pick up his bike. Been there. I really enjoyed seeing him out there. He still has speed!

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Shaolin Monk vs MMA. I just hope they both finish the season healthy. Been really fun to watch the first half. Second half, even better?!?!

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A third vote for Tazer. And about that pic. What background?

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Well byke, thanks for trying. I've gotten many of the same responses. I have also gotten a verbal response from a RMP program manager after a very well attended meeting (that our club really pushed locally), " we have to extend the time frame due to ... more »

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So, a question for all who have written and sent their thoughts to this OHV forum. And all who are reading it. How many of you have written and sent letters, attended meetings, and talked one on one with land managing agency people. ie, GOTTEN INVOLVED!! ... more »

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Red with yellow Maicos

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Seven Deuce Deuce is a whole lot easier to say than Ettunmcanumpe(???) Or how ever it's spelled. I hope he makes the main again. Yes I'm a fan. Not of his music. He's certainly not the fastest but I think he's good for the sport.

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It appears that he has learned, grown and moved past that . Hope so. I think, he seems like a good guy. And a fast moto mofo.

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Blair is not there for play by play. Though I think he would be very good at it. He's there only to explain the specific little things that are particular to supercross. At that I think he is very good at too. But yeah, I really liked Holley's stuff ... more »

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This is the funniest thread I've seen in a while. The sad part is, that he has probably made more money in his career than all MX pros combined. Ever. Have to admit that when I did watch basketball, in his time he played harder and with more heart than ... more »

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Every sport/activity uses different muscles and or muscles in a different way. Think of what motions your body does while riding and mimic those movements. I keep it simple and vary my routine. I also do not race. I trail ride ( the fun "semi hard" stuff) ... more »

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I used to regularly haul over a Sierra Nevada pass with my bike on a bumper hitch. I made a cover that fit over the whole bike and rear wheel and is secured by fastech buckles under it. The front tire has a separate cover. It works great. Now I live ... more »