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The bike looks fine--you're managing to evoke the mid-70s CCMs and early-60s one-off special four-strokes at the same time. Not that there's anything wrong with a bog-standard B50MX running races today, just good to see people racing good-looking & ... more »

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Beautiful job on that bike--I had a 79 125CR from new and loved it, would think the 175 would be optimal for that chassis, especially the 10" travel years, which to me were the best looking 70s Husky.

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I realized early that my progress was so fitful that a build thread would read better if written retrospectively and posted in installments after the first ride or two on the bike, when I have found out whether I guessed right. I was reviewing the project ... more »

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More good work there, I like that tank-- I am building a Rupp 125, which was a US-made brand 1971-75 with the ubiquitous Sachs engine. I had a Monark with motor work by a famous tuner and managed to keep the engine & some bits all this time. The ... more »

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@johnu, you're welcome, I had to think through the same issues with the bike I am building, and decided to go old-school with it first till I get familiar with it--partly because I had a viable pair of Koni shocks already that are close to stock length, ... more »

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@johnu, this is looking beautiful so far. My brother uses those NJB Ultimate shocks on his 125 Penton/KTM and I think they're excellent. But I missed your earlier post on geometry. I have to say that 30 degrees of rake was quite typical of that era, ... more »

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Thought I saw about 6.75 lbs. for the 2.75 x 21 front, 8.9 lbs. for the 3.75 x18 rear? The caveat being that they really are authentic ca. 1974 widths, so probably better suited to prepped tracks & vintage 125 horsepower levels. I mean to get a pair ... more »

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RIP Danny. A great guy and good at everything he turned his hand to: music, bikes, engineering, track management, etc. An example of his work on Rio: he talked a hydrologist friend into doing a pro bono formal study of the facility's floodwater flow ... more »

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Those are definitely the October 1972 Trans-AMA at Rio Bravo. That's Brad Lackey in the green jersey, for example, walking the start to the first turn. If you look at the upper left corner of the first pic, you can see the hay bale in front of the tree ... more »

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There was also a practice of putting two different heat range spark plugs in, and using the hotter plug to start and warm the engine, then killing it and switching the lead to the colder-range plug for the ride. Probably made some sense in situations ... more »

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Very sorry to hear that, it sucks twice over. I hope they can schedule your rain date promptly and get your procedure done successfully. I know that these supposedly idle hospitals people have been plastering on YouTube are quiet because they've halted ... more »

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Variants of all these exercise can be found in the Husqvarna training manual from the 1970s--the Swedes knew a thing or two about exercising when they couldn't ride. Crucial stuff to do when your riding is on pause, especially if you're older; it makes a huge difference to do some focused work on the key muscle groups and joints to stay ready to start riding again, as does learning how to do it without going to the gym.

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As I understand it, to get optimal power (most power over widest range) with an expansion chamber without a reed valve, power valve or water cooling, a down pipe least compromises the angles/diameters/lengths of the optimal pipe design and is easiest ... more »

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Congratulations, that is delectable. One thing I really like is the rims' gold--is that reanodized gold over silver? And the bare engine treatment genuinely harmonizes with the rest of the bike--too often it doesn't, and I can't help but wonder why they ... more »

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@Joe Sprocket: My older brother had a 1974 Rickman 250 VR back in the day and I loved riding it & probably worked on it more than he did. Motogrady & Reese are on point, let me add a few things I recall now: 1. Tap on the fiberglass tail section, ... more »

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The Marty Smith photos above are 1975, so I think you're good to go. John Banks was possibly the inventor of that style of guard and wore one at least as early as 1973; whether Hallman licensed that or sold a very similar design, I don't know.

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Man, if you're here in April, especially the first half of April, that's peak wildflower season and all through East Texas and the coastal plain and central Texas, it'll be carpets of flowers. There's a whole genre of landscape painting and photography

... more »
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Damn shame, he was going well and seemed to have a podium shot tonight. That's one guy I'd like to see have an entire healthy year inc. preseason. Edit: phantom posted originally, dunno how that happened

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I think they went far too stiff @ 50kg. Very puzzling, because back then 125s with the old shock mounting and typical (smaller) riders were using 25-35kg range springs. Even early forward-mount or laydown 125s seemed to use 40-45kg. springs for such ... more »