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2012 or 2015 rmz450 or kxf450 2012-2015

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that is awesome, to hold of Dante for over an hour is hard work.

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yeah it was wierd i saw a him posted las week that it was the last ride for 6 months.

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He has been so wierd the last couple years with his instagram post, he is like a 16years old that want to impress on his girfriend

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Around 1500 hours. What am i wrong about do you mean ?

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Yes you did a good job keeping up with that superstrong 250f with long powercurve with your short and abrupt 2t power. you where also down maby 5hp from him.

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its still crazy prices

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So i need a new helmet again i cant stand my Airoh 3 just dont fit my head or face with googles on. So i have done some looking around and has wiggeld it down to either 6d atr2 or a bell moto 10. but need some advice form people that has had them. I ... more »

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Jeffery Herlings minus the crashes or maby Pourcel

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Is Stauffer riding the 23 ktm sx250? just saw his pipe and it looked like those in the spy pictures we have seen here on vital.

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If you watch him at any gp you will be amazed how low in the rpm he keeps the bike, sound like he is going slow but damn it mooves. that bike must have such a strong engine for riding like that.

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Rest in Peace.

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The only thing they can change is the track, that is the only resonable thing to do. And they can do alot if there was just some out of the box thinking. But on the other hand it will not be as fun to watch. example is Super enduro that is slow and very ... more »

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I have a aviator 3 with ams and i do not like the helmet it does not feel like the older airoh helmets, the goggle port is to far down so the goggles pushes on my noose and the helmet is very big and heavy.

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Never a monster for me again, even i dont like them but i buys one now and then just becuse i know they sponsor the sport i love, but wtf is this clowns ? Atleast i will be feeling even better when i buys redbulls now.

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I think its also very interesting how he has the bike set up this year, i have always heard he likes the bike high in the rear but this year it seems almost ridiculous high and stiff in the rear but seems to work very good.

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That is awesome kongols! hope it will bring little piece for you that you at least helped more than most people.

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Done. Hope you starting to feel better. Can i ask what kind of acident happend to you 37 years ago ? i seen in many race thread over the years that you sometimes struggle to stay awake.

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Or should Kawasaki let Romain febvre ride AMA motocross ? AC would not be ready for outdoors? i dont know but that knee injury is like 4-6 months healing time ? I think it would be even less likely then Herlings to get him over but it would be cool to ... more »

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Does anyone know if he has any intentions to go to USA this year to race ? MXGP is over for him so this must be the best time ever for him to come over and race. And i think ktm will need some help to stop tomac to go 24-0

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