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They must of done something right. So many other helmets companies have started to copy there design in there own way. Instead of an hourglass damper it’s something of there own making that compress’s and moves around and two different ESP type liners ... more »

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I assumed he got knocked out too? He must’ve if pipe was burning him and he wasn’t moving. Tough sport man.

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Moto GP. Bought the 4k tv package and enjoy watching all practice and qualifying.

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I always wore Arai helmets both dirt and street. And they always fit so good. But I have had many head injuries and one was really bad. I don’t ride motorcycles anymore but do ride mountain bikes and wear there DH helmet and trail helmet. Definitely ... more »

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So I wonder if he still gets checks from FLY? I just watch a ad of his here just a minute ago. And on that same token ARAI helmets has a 2021 Bam Bam helmet, what’s up with that?

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I have 3 pairs, been wearing them for years, there a life saver. I’m a plumber and wear one all day at work also. I don’t even notice I’m wearing them anymore. Easily worth the $200 for me. Only thing I’ve had to replace is the hole for finger breaks ... more »

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This is what my wife has to dress up in to do pic lines on Covid patients.

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Last 3 I had have been over a year to recover... it sucks.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking watching the race.

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I order from 6d and bought three sizes for my boys and returned the one that didn’t fit

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Been there done that. But they did both sides and had to turn it 13 times each... and sure felt the put it in much deeper😂

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So split them up or combined?

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What about the 250s?

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I was just thinking. Wonder what kinda helmet he wears (6D?) now days? Went to the link above and see it’s a 6D.

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That’s what thought too when I read this. Glad I didn’t buy tickets, hotel and flights for Texas this year.

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I had this issue last year. Piss poor quality. Was like watching 240p like said above. I told them about it too. So never sighed back up. Had it for two years. Yet on all the same set up I could watch motogp in 4K. I re upped for that even though it’s ... more »

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I had in both arms and had to stop riding. I’m a plumber and could hardly work. I used those wraps on both arms to make it through the days. I had to hold a glass of milk with both hands. I saw every Dr I could. Was told I needed surgery and new job. ... more »

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So why not get surgery? It would heal much faster and I would think that be better for someone that relies on there body to make money.

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I have an 8 and 6 yr old and think there the only kids around that don’t have video games at home. 8 yr old said he was being teased at school the other day because he didn’t know about a certain video game. I said “did you tease them for not having ... more »

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Thanks jack ass. Just got back home and yet to watch moto gp and stayed offline from those sites and you spill the beans here?