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I never rode a 1980,,,but did read they where dogs,,, and a 79 was much faster. The swap was to put either a 1981 KX125 top end on one,,or a KDX175 top end !

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Hi OoldMXer95, I have a 79KX125 to restore. It's been on back burner. Not looking to sell, but curious of your memories of how it ran compared to others,,what broke if anything,,ect. I have been vintage racing on a 79 RM125,and 1980 YZ125 this past season,,and ... more »

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I didn't race,,but supplied my 83 RM250 to a fellow who raced it. The turn-out was excellent. The track was well layed out for the bikes,,everyone had fun,,several old pros out there mixing it up and taking time for photos. It was neat for me just be ... more »

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I have a 17 TC250 too. I have trouble getting mine turned around very far to get at bowl nut. This helps with bowl nut! Less cumbersome than a big 17mm wrench. Also,I swapped the odd screws on float bowl of either my 17 TC250 or was it the 18 TC125, ... more »

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78s where around 500 bikes,,,,79 was about 1500. Still divide 1500 with all the kawasaki dealers and if anyone got 2-3 I bet it was alot. I remember going to my dealers back then 79-80 and never seeing a 79 kx,,and only a couple 80 models...the other ... more »

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There was maybe 1500 total 1979 kx250s imported. That's about 31 per STATE in the continental US. Sure there where more in CA or other hotbeds...but still rare. Kawasaki made them light and more fragile,,,parts where a bit more pricey and scarce,the ... more »

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Years ago I took 3 bikes over to a friends,,1979 KX250 with foxs,,1978.5 RM250 C2 with foxs and Simons,,and a 1979 CR250 also with Foxs. We trail rode,,raced on a closed old school moto cross track, drag raced over and over in a field. We traded back ... more »

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The head can be done either as high or low compression. The change is more about shape of dome and width of band to effect flame burn and power delivery. I read over and over how the offroad crowd like the smooth wider power RKs machine work delivers...a ... more »

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AJ,SD Here's a modifiction I did on my 18 TC125 .The powerjet kit was only$25. Most would build up a boss with JB WELD to install it in,,but I TIG welded a lump and then shaped it with dremel tool and drilled tapped for mine. This really is nice as I

... more »
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Good thinking,,,yes a bike that doesn't want choke when cold is rich at pilot. I think the TC/SX has such a good draw of vacuum through carb,it's less effected,unless it's a really cold morning.. AJ is correct many faster pros didn't have a idle on their ... more »

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It's happened since beginning of time. I've been racing bikes for over 30 years on bikes dating back to 1974. Sometimes they are closer,,most of time they are/where rich from factories for warranty/safety. Through the years 90% of time some simple brass ... more »

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I read another fellow(in

Australia) loves his motosports engine stand,,,but the Euro distributor he ordered from won't ship to the USA. I googles and found this China company...firmware that offers it for $59 and like $5 shipping. Hard to believe,,but ... more »

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Manbearpig,,, I like the work your doing ! I can only guess your using vapor blasting for the aluminum parts? The picture of engine looks like a grinder or abrasive wheel,,then what did you do after?? Bead blast? primer? paint? Please share how you are ... more »

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I have both off brand and dremel...Sure the dremel is twice as much, but worth it.

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The exact specs to if this is acceptable are probably in the 'workshop repair manual' that is bought separate from bike. I expect it will give piston and ring end gap measurements. Experience in engines of various kinds is 10% from new. Compression gauge ... more »

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Mine is the 14 hour one with 214psi. I'm in Florida too....200ft above sea level...most of the time! Elevation effects compression,,,but also the procedure,,and length of hose.

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Did race tech elaborate on what was incorrect? Maybe a simple fix in lathe or belt sander? Any eta when correct ones in? Thanks.

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The slide change for me was taboo back then, but pilot and needle height was missing the mark. $50-80 was cost I remember when I called CW. I choked ! I asked a old timer at local shop about it,,and he told me to get out my file and do it systematically. ... more »

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I had a 1990 KX250 back then. It was like a 125 on steroids. When I first got it,,the thing fouled plugs left right,,even B7. I found the solution from Carb Wharehouse.- a 5 (or 5.5) slide. Cleaned up the low speed richness. The parameter frame was known ... more »

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Put fork back together with spring and spacer inside. Then turn upside down,,with axle in clamp,,push down and same time zap the bolt/allen in bottom with air or electric impact. Care to protect the schrader isn't shoved into ground.. A chunk of 2x4 ... more »