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Just got done watching the whole series. If you'd have spent another $100, (specifically on brakes) I'd think that bike would have been at least close to the top out there. (Side note - How the heck do you let a complete seat off a barn find YZ125 blow ... more »

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I've got a long work bench made from 2x4s and a 3/4" plywood top. The main bench is I think 42" high. Good working height. Needs to be higher than a standard kitchen counter since you may be working on small parts on it. Make it 30" deep or better so ... more »

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Bonus points for finding duct tape that exactly matches the OEM color. You know, for the new seat cover.

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This thread right here is the reason I wade through the muck here at Vital. I'd sit and read this type stuff for hours if ML had the time to put it all out there.

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If you washed it recently before it not starting, take the kill switch apart and blow the water out. The one my kid started on did this to me on several occasions. The first time I almost tore the thing apart trying to figure it out.

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Looks like the one I saw in an internet search for vintage enduro rear fender by mdracing products.

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That thing's got Alabama written all over it.....JH Racin', RaceLace wheels, Fastlap Suspension......

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James seems a bit more confident in this video than the previous one.

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Started racing back in 1985 on an '84 CR60. I had been riding for a handful of years already but was hooked. I raced until we couldn't afford it and I was leaving for college. A few years out of college the YZ400 was introduced and it prompted me and ... more »

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That form is what I've tried to replicate my whole life.

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WD-40 after, either two or four-stroke. When the mud and dirt cakes on, wet it down and scrub it with scotchbrite when washing. Immediately coat in WD after washing. Don't let it get rusty and it won't ever be a hard job.

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Crashed in the corner before the whoops.

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That you Tyler?

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I doubt it's even high attendance. The last couple of years the stadium has had LOTS of empty seats. Surprising to me really. The ticket pricing structure is what is killing it to me. I bought group tickets for our local racing series for probably 12 ... more »

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Just a heads up, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THIS SPACE" won't fit on a shroud in huge letters. Ironically, "NEED HELP" will.

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Hey guys, not to detract at all from this forum but..... A few years ago I stopped racing motocross at the ripe old age of 42. I keep telling myself I'm not done. My kids were getting to a point in life I couldn't justify leaving them at home and going ... more »

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The pipe is touching the left radiator. That's a no go. I don't know why it has a ti gas tank. No fuel pump and it's got to be heavier. I know the stock tank would interfere with the cylinder and spark plug but many people have used a heat gun to reshape ... more »

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I think it's smart. Anyone looking to spend a little disposable income to sponsor a rider can find a place to spend it right there. If his shroud says Suzuki, or Fox, or whatever, then potential sponsors may think since he has a respectable two digit ... more »

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First big bike was an '86 CR125. That bike was bullet proof. I raced motocross, harescrambles, and rode trails and hill climbs for three years on that bike. The water pump rot started and my dad sold it out from under me while I was off at college. I ... more »

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I'm fairly certain a Monster can still will get you in the pits.