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He should have stayed in it. He had it, easy.

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Hey Scottie, I know yours is a way different situation but some "older" folks I know locally have had major pain issues from degenerating spine issues. They've gotten spinal stimulators put in that are basically like a TENS device for their spines. The ... more »

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Yeah, I posted that before I got to the second round of discussion on the pod cast. It seems to have been quite a bit more "serious" than weed.

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I'm not done with it yet but also felt Denny might should have laid back a bit. I'm interested in the Denny interview. Ping, make sure you ask where he disappeared to a little while back when everyone in the moto world were looking for him. As for Chicken, ... more »

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Cool perspective on Canard's role with the team. Somebody fix that intro, "Trey Canard HONAD HRC test rider."

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Good on you for trying but whichever member it was made a huge mistake in my opinion. You don't take advantage of a guy sticking his neck out for you and then leave him hanging like that. Hope it wasn't the dude across the pond that wanted so badly to ... more »

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Bikes are on point Jamie. Hope you guys are doing well. Looks like you're still on the racing scene quite a bit.

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For those that say he hated the training and grind of MX you really need to pay close attention in the Whiskey Throttle episode. He never says that. He said he needed to keep it interesting and fun. Travis was never out of shape unless he was injured ... more »

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I thought they used to be? I was thinking I'd scanned several multiple photo instagram shares in Social on my phone when I couldn't see them on my PC? Maybe concussions are catching up.

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Yep, I see it. I did have trouble before from my PC. On a slightly unrelated note, in the Social Scoop section is where I had most trouble seeing them before. Now, they show up but the right and left arrows are there and the tricked me into clicking ... more »

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How about it jason486? Were you able to get any of the motors back that are being sought after?

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Just an extra little point to ponder for an old fat guy..... It does seem odd to me that a rider would walk the track in their helmet when there doesn't seem to be a clear rush to get on the bike and go. But if I stop and think about it the other way ... more »

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I enjoyed Daniel in the booth. He had a couple moments where he seemed to search for the right words but that will get better with time. Kristen seemed a bit slow and needed more volume on her mic, which made it seem worse. ZO needs to drink an energy ... more »

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Watching the race it looked to me like their lines just merged. That line Anderson took was staying mid track for during the 250 moto. It looked like they reworked it between races. But looking at the sequence shot I wonder if Anderson would have even ... more »

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Five..... Five accounts blocked now.

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Absolutely nothing Jo could have done to avoid this. Friese basically pulled a squirrel or deer in the headlights move. He was just trying to get back on his bike and continue the race. Ran right in front of Shimoda. I'm glad to see he knew he wasn't ... more »

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I read page 1 and page 8 and the content was the same. I'll assume I missed some stuff. I thoroughly enjoy the site and its content. I too prefer to read written articles but If you're going to write, get someone to proof. I know its petty but it really ... more »

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My first reaction was, "man, I hope Travis will be okay." My second reaction, "I bet he crapped his pants for the third time...." Well, I guess it would be the second time. The first time it was some other random dude.

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The key to the post that TannerMXer made is in the descriptions and graphs. First of all, theft, looting, and such are not considered violent crimes in most cities and states so they are not part of the considerations these graphs were made on. Furthermore, ... more »

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He has always been a rockstar in my eyes. I grew up racing in the mid-late '80s on minibikes. Fast forward almost 15 years, I'm out of college and finally financially able to purchase my first new bike. I ordered a '98 YZ400. About 2 years later I get ... more »