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Bought this two weeks ago for my birthday/anniversary. G-Shock GG-B100 Master. Wish it had the tough-solar but it has everything else I wanted in the watch.

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I remember an article in Motocross Action from years ago that said, "always watch out for squids that show up at the track with numbers that look the same upside-down as right-side-up." One of the first things I noticed the rest of my riding career has ... more »

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Love reading this stuff. My dad bought me a wrung out '84 CR60 when I was 12 to go racing. My parent's had divorced and I think it was an attention getter. After a race or two I had to get a number on it. A local guy in our neighborhood, Mike Harmon, ... more »

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Interesting, but aren't the two darker headed kids there Stevie Ray Vaughn and his older brother Jimmie Vaughn?

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I couldn't finish the video. Something about the way they shot made me nauseous. I think it was because there was nothing stable ever in the video. At least that's how it seemed. You had the rider in motion plus the camera in motion, often in the opposite direction, then the rider was moving in the shot as well. That or my vertigo is making a comeback. Good to see Cole enjoying riding.

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You've got skills like this and came to Vital for advice on how to fix it? I'm with the rest though. Just premix it and forget the pump if you're not racing LL type races.

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Too early for bear pics???

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Craziest thing to me was, that kid was out cold. He rag dolled after the first bounce, head rolled around like an owl and didn't move a muscle for quite a while. Then came out and raced the LCQ and the main. After all the head injury stuff keeping people ... more »

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Ryan Dungey won 5 titles, if you count regional 250SX titles, before he started working with Aldon. No doubt it takes a lot of dedication and some luck to do that but the results do speak volumes as to how effective Aldon's program is.

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Looking at US results for pro-racing it appears their two-strokes are more reliable than the four-strokes. I'd like to have a 250 or 300 two-stroke.

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I've been watching a few "old" races from 1987/88 recently and it dawned on me - Larocco started as a Pro in the 125 class in 1988. He retired in 2006. The bike evolution in that 18 years was astounding. Yet, the whole time he was competitive. He won ... more »

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After reading this thread I've decided I know squat about watches. But I want a new G-shock Master something. I'd love to get a Gulf Master but may settle on a Mud Master. Looking for something with LONG battery life, easy to read in low light and smoke ... more »

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Closest thing I've seen to On Any Sunday currently is Dust to Glory. If you haven't seen that one, give it a watch.

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Like others have said, it's pretty simple to explain the broken pelvis and related injuries. What most don't expect are the other "non" related items like nerve pain, range of motion, strength, mental attitude. You've got a long road ahead but you'll ... more »

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Yeah, I'd like to read the long version as well.

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Just a thought here, with 30 or more racing weekends in a year down South, why not split the weekends like the LL Qualifiers? Youth and age classes race one weekend and the Amateurs race the next, or another weekend. From what I understand the turn-outs ... more »

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I didn't take it as Supercross has turned into something it never was. It read a little more like he's just tired of it and doesn't enjoy it anymore to me.

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Front tires are worn out way before they "look" worn out. Once the sharp corners on the knobs start to round you need to start looking to replace.

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Watching on TV I was sure Webb was going to catch Roczen, put him between himself and Tomac and make it harder for Tomac to catch him. When Tomac got close, Webb changed all the line he had that were working for him and subsequently couldn't keep up ... more »

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Two totally separate and unrelated issues to the authorities. One is an issue the local police need to handle (wheelie boyz), and they won't for fear of bad press. The other is a state environmental issue. This takes FAR more precedence and needs immediate ... more »