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Ban starting devices.

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I'm really tired of his tired old rhetoric. He often talks too long and doesn't talk about what's happening in the race. He always says shit that has zero meaning like "Well, he just needs to hit his marks now". Which means nothing.

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I thought Sunday's track was a bit one lined, but given it was the first race back I think the track crew and feld wanted something that would be rideable and build off that. Last night's was pretty fun primarily because in both classes good guys got ... more »

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Yeah the commentary team has to be talking all the time and I think they are paranoid they won't have anything to say so they have large monologues about the riders. On one hand it's nice because it helps fans become more emotionally involved in the ... more »

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Who is the first person to skim the whoops in control as the racers do these days?

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The broadcasters need to learn to drop these narratives they keep trying to bring up while something exciting happens. It's good filler content but when passes are being made and Will's telling us about how many bowel movements alex ray had that day ... more »

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Congrats man that's a really killer thing to do. Would love a behind the scenes on all that goes on to make a team happen and the costs/time involved. Be cool if he did a vip experience too. Good way to make money and support the team.

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This isn't a trail it's just a road. I rode it a month or so ago. It's not that bad if you're confident on the bike. A lot of colorado is like this - 4x4 roads with lots of rocks and exposure.

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They are sports commentators, not news journalists. "The media" is a fairly broad term. I believe it is Grant's job to give technical facts about what's going on and it is Weege's job to create excitement and tension during the broadcast. It's more fun ... more »

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Isn't he coming off of a broken femur? How long was he on the bike before the season started?

Added reply in a thread Positives from limegate 2/13/2019 8:40 PM edit: Realistically I don't have any answers regarding how they would demand and get more money. I'm not an expert in that field and am not in the industry. It can happen though(maybe ... more »

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They don't seem to be hurtin' for money GuyB. You're in the industry so I'd expect you to have heard estimates. If they're making $4 million an event(some number I pulled out my ass - 3.1 mil for gate, ~1 mil for sponsors(more than $4 million a year ... more »

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The privateers need to organize and start a union. Until every single privateer boycotts an event Feld isn't going to do anything for them. Obviously the factory and satellite factory teams are contractually obliged to show up and race from their sponsors ... more »

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I think the best insulation is the thinsulate. The reflectrix bubble wrap foil stuff doesn't work at all if it's pressed up against anything... it needs an air barrier in order for it to work.

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Ralph - "Oh no!!! Tomac's bike is smoking! .... Tomac's bike was smoking but now it looks like it fixed itself. We'll have to keep an eye on i..CHECKERED FLAG" I did think the cameras were better this time with more visuals at track level instead of ... more »

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What about all the cows? What about all the logistics? We send chicken to china via container ship to get processed, then back to the US for sale(this is just one of the more asinine examples... there's tons more). Container ships use bunker oil in international ... more »

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I don't really feel like the season has been that confusing;

Barcia winning A1, he's an aggressive rider and has always done well in the mud. Some of the front runners had issues early, he capitalized and rode great.

Anderson is clearly nursing a late off season injury and trying to ride...more