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I can't believe the first reply isn't "There's TOO many races" What is Vital coming to?

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Thank you for educating for me, I have not kept up with the happenings of e-bikes.

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I prefer the strapless gloves, they just seem to fit better for me. Fly Lite gloves and 100% iTracks are my go to. They do seem to stretch out a little quicker than the strapped version though.

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Are Sur Rons classified as E-bicycles? Serious question as I thought it needed pedals to be an e-bicycle, sorta like needing pedals to be a moped (otherwise its a scooter or motorcycle). Not trying to split hairs, what gets called an e-bike seems blurry. ... more »

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This shows it at 0:27 in. I think MX Factory has a more in depth video too but I couldn't locate it quickly. AJs video shows using the same technique to learn the basics of scrubbing. ... more »

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Neck burn is a reference to the pyrotechnics going off on the finish line jump for the winner of a SX race. James has mentioned in the past that you feel the heat from the fire on your exposed neck, calling it a neck burn. Neck burn = winner.

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They didn't do that because it's literally against the rules, which are posted just a few comments above yours: J. 7. - Any rider deemed by the AMA to be complicit in circumventing the claiming rule (i.e. placing a claim with the intent to return the ... more »

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I can't believe no one has suggested these bad boys yet:

They come stock on the KLR650. If I can hang on to the mighty 650 with those pegs then the pros should have no problem running them with their little 450s and 250s. Easy solution.
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Gage Stine and Chase Yentzer are making their debuts at Unadilla. Ryder D will be racing as well. Here is provisional entry list:

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Yamaha's 4 stroke off-road versions do have a bigger tank, wide ratio trans, upgraded cooling system (plug and play fan option for FX, included fan for WR), different engine mapping. I would wager thats why the blue bikes are the most popular after the ... more »

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I second that, he does killer work.

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If a rider dominates hard enough they may find their way into the inner circle. Levi Kitchen was running 250 B Limited and 450 B Limited at LLs in '20. He dominated and posted some crazy fast lap times which brought him into the fold. They definitely ... more »

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I don't doubt that Deegan may have been the fastest of the weekend but I do notice his 250B best lap times are conspicuously missing, along with Ryder D's and Braswell's Open Pro Sport times. I presume Open Pro Sport raced in the roughest conditions ... more »

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On the east coast I see a ton of EXC-Fs and have plenty of friends and acquaintances who bought them for dual sports/trail bikes. My buddies out west say the WR450s and CRF450X are popular choices. Like Broseph said, if you go easy on the pavement any ... more »

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One of my "local" series/districts, SXCS/AMA D7, is doing a mixed off-road series also. It is currently a six race series with two hare scrambles, two GPs (2x 30min motos each), and two sprint enduros (2 day format where both days pay points which really ... more »

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Evan says he needed a change and perhaps more presence at the amateur side of things and that the NSA team provides that. Unfortunately, that is all he says on the matter.

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Thanks for transcribing! Not a fan of video-only content.

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I agree about LL results are needed for a factory ride straight from ams, but to answer you question: Current US born AMA Champs with no LL titles, best LL results in parenthesis: '22 250SX West champ Cristian Craig (14th Super Mini 12-15, 17th MX Lites ... more »

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From their site: "What about archived races and other MAVTV Plus programming? Will those be on FloRacing? At this time, only new, live MAVTV Plus programming will be available on FloRacing. FloSports will communicate if and when MAVTV Plus archived races ... more »