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View this post on Instagram Crazy skin issues on riders after last Supercross. If you raced in this event or knows someone that did hit up @injuryattorneys_. - If any rider accepted the $5k that was offered by Feld Entertainment, they still have a claim and can be entitled to way more financial compensation. A post shared by Pacific Beach | 92109(@pacific.beach) on May 11, 2020 at 11:03am PDT Not sure how to Embed the clip, i know the page is private. Interesting that over a year later its being brought up and lawsuits are ... more »

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i love the design of the new helmet, i think the redbull and monster ones that i have seen look sick! I just wish that they had some cool color way options for the new V3 and the Rampage Carbon pro mountain bike helmet. They are similar design with the ... more »

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It was said on Pulp that the Alpinestar guys (Anderson, Tomac, Barcia) are all making a million a year on their gear contracts.

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This pic of him with the fox gear isn’t even on his Instagram so that theory he’s reaching an audience of 7.2 million people is a joke.

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Mammoth needs to be on a list somewhere! Place is unreal!

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Went up to big bear memorial day weekend for opening day of the bike park, there was still snow on the mountain but they got the trail in pretty good condition to shred. Ended up separating my AC joint from a hard crash I had, such a bummer. Downhill ... more »

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He's living a normal life in Lake Havasu, AZ now. Miss that guy, had great style!

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What is the rule in MXGP for when a rider goes off the track? I’m curious to know if it’s the same. For everyone saying it’s stupid and it needs to be changed to make the rider turn around and re enter where they left the track, do you know how much ... more »

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What do you think cooper would have done in the exact same situation? The exact same thing! No way is he or any other rider going to make a split second decision to completely stop, turn around and get back into the track in the spot he went off of it. ... more »

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AC got back on and did not get on the gas right away. He entered and let cooper pull a gap and then he got back on the gas. Nothing wrong with what AC did. Guaranteed Cooper would have done the same thing if the roles were reversed. I don’t see any rider ... more »

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yeah alot of people do that but I would be worried to bring an expensive mountain bike in there even locked up. Those bird scooters you could literally leave it at the track and someone will come pick it up later. I'm not sure if everyone is familiar ... more »

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If you are from or passing a more metropolitan area on your way there, i would grab one of those bird scooters and bring it with you, park at pala casino and then ride that thing to the track.

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This is interesting stuff, lots of different technology between the different brands with different Doctors endorsing them. I really want to see a comparison between Fox, Fly, 6D and Bell to see which really is the best.

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haha no shit, where did i say it wasn't? There's no need to mention its by Monster. Its still a new drink that is taking shelf space away from Rockstar. Rockstar is now limited to one row in the fridge in my local 7 11 due to the introduction of Reign. ... more »

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I heard Rockstar is on the verge of bankruptcy. Their sales are way down and they have big money athletes that they are locked into. I would say this is a push for them to utilize the athletes they are paying to help get sales up. I would imagine that ... more »

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Did you guys listen to cole gress on the pulpmx show? He explained that his biggest regret was not getting AC on Suzuki’s. He said that they were working out a deal to get him on as an amateur but the Tomas’s threw a huge fuss about it and said if he ... more »

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Why not have factory connection guy in PA call factory connection guy in WA to see where the bullshit is coming from? If they work for the same company should be pretty simple for him to call them up and say "hey did you guys just redo all this suspension ... more »

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Opening ceremonies used to be a must! They were the highlight of the night for the new fans and would get them pumped for what was about to happen. My girlfriend who knew nothing about supercross would love that part of the night. Now its pretty bland, ... more »

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Does anyone remember a beef with Dean Wilson and Tomac? I don't remember why but i remember Deano saying something on twitter that he probably fly's Virgin air lol Also, Barcia and Roczen talking shit on instagram over R8s and who has more money

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Temecula use to be the spot but now it has so much traffic and rent/housing costs are much higher. I would recommend Menifee, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Sun city. Moreno Valley has low cost of living and its kinda ghetto but its close to alot of tracks, ... more »