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It’s not you Early, it’s the internet. It’s the worst

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Watching Jeff’s videos it is clear he rips and is extremely talented. Him not qualifying shows the level the pros are at in this series. Reminds of our local DH MTB pros, they are insane to watch but when they go to a World Cup they don’t come close ... more »

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The 2005 KX250 and the 2006 KXF450 were shit bikes. And he was going up against his equal, Ricky on a 450 in 2005 and Ricky on an established RMZ450 in 2006.

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I thought Sheak hit the post at the top of the swamp drop in section at Southwick? I was there too and he just disappeared after hopping off of a braking bump...

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Good news! VitalMTB's Inside Line podcast is strong. Spomer starts slow but always reigns it back in. Who is hosting VitalMX's?

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The overall viewing during the motos isnt as open as other tracks so it can be frestrating (and packed with spectators). That being said its amazing to watch these guys slash sand berms in person and the track itself is beautiful. I recommend getting ... more »

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Lol, TDeath's commitment to trolling Eli is strong

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You don't have to be mentally strong to go really fast? Our be mentally strong to jump scary rhythm sections or blast through whoops? One could argue Dungey wasn't mentally strong enough to go as fast as Eli.

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Holy hell your thought process is twisted. Not mentally tough? How on earth do you think these guys get to be so fast? It’s not mental toughness holding back championships for these two. It’s giving everything they have to put on a show for fans and ... more »

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Thank you for taking the time to type out a logical response.

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So many cunts in this forum. Tomac dogged Marv on a dangerous track for 22 laps and he is a pussy? Marv's take out was a classic supercross move and Tomac has every right to bitch about it. Shut the fuck up with this pussification bullshit you twot.

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The pop up is spam that is following you around the web. Try erasing all cookies and internet history. If that doesn’t work google other options.

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Lol, people so angry on the internet.

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They aren't though, you have your bike when you want to earn your climbs then the ebike when you feel like just ripping around. I don't understand the resistance

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Electric bike! No shifting even with the high speeds?

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Zero reason to kill that snake. No mention of eating it or it being a pestilence. Senseless, this type of guy is why real hunters get a bad rep...when they shouldn't.

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Electric MX bikes solve a major issue facing the sport, noise. Also the power curve of an electric motor is perfect for MX. Immediate torque.

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That's rad! Bike park wales looks amazing. Rode with a U.K. Mtber at Mountain Creek last year and he said there is limited space at BPW and that there is a long waiting list. True?