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All Motoworld ran Bill's pipes. Factory Suzuki 250 riders ran PC, and the 125 riders ran Bill's.

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McAdoo cleaned out Ferrandis at one of the supercross races last year and everyone cheered for Mcadoo. Marchbanks does the same thing and everyone loses their minds and hate Marchbanks. Funny how things go sometimes.

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Has Marchbanks always had his comments turned off on his Instagram, or did he turn them off first thing when he got back to the truck after the main? lol he knew he would be getting dragged thru the mud on Instagram so he made sure to turn those comments ... more »

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But spend a ton of time on a damn monster truck backflipping lol

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Kenny’s body has just been put through the ringer. For him to even be up there battling where’s he’s at after what he’s gone through is a win in itself imo. What’s been happening the last handful of rounds has happened the last few years now. I don’t ... more »

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Yup, he broke his femur in his first or second practice session of his first pro supercross. He will be a title contender next year imo.

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Yup. I think the first race he lost that he didn’t crash in was in Seattle in 2009 to RV. And that stat is probably just for 450 supercross and not 125.

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I know they’re in the heat of the moment but did he really think that he wasn’t going to be docked any positions for not re-entering the track at the whoops? All the PC riders should know if they go off the track to re-enter where they went off or Star ... more »

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I know, and how are they still getting away with those trophies?!? Does supercross not pay any attention to the national series and see the trophies that they are putting out? Trophies from the nationals tell a story! You get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at a supercross ... more »

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Clason pushed Hartranft off the track, does he really think that Hartranft should’ve completely let up and let him by? He went off the track ahead of him so he didn’t “gain” an advantage. And Hartranft barely grabbed a handful and was already back on ... more »

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Awesome story, things like this will make me root for Seth even more. I don’t really know anything about this kid, other then he won monster cup wearing some pink fly gear and then was out hurt this last year. He has some awesome style and he looks really ... more »

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4 seconds isn’t that much time to lose on the last lap at Daytona when you’re trying to bring it home to get on the podium after having 2 shit years and being written off by a ton of people. Imagine the nerves, pressure, and emotions AP was going thru ... more »

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Didn’t James do something to his knee that year at hi-point and he dnf’ed the last moto? Despite the shoulder injury, Reed was the one saying that if he got a start that he could beat James lol

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If this is a contract year for Musquin then he retires at the end of the year IMO. He has nothing left to prove and nothing to gain besides some more money. He kinda seems like a different rider since Brian Moreau bad crash last year and I don’t blame ... more »

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The new bell helmet looks nice, but it looks like they just said fuck it with the visor and didn’t do anything to make it go with the helmet lol

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I’m pretty sure Enticknap was 2 laps down and in 20th while Vince was getting out a lap down and in 15th.

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They should only let Nichols and Craig race since they’re pretty much the only 2 left in the championship hunt huh? Lol or in Jetts case, never mind the podium bonus money, just roll over and let the guy by because he’s in the championship hunt lol

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RV all the way. Tomac was on another level outdoors in 2013 on one as well.

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Mookie was never a Red Bull athlete.