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GL is also clued up on American moto, he seems to have a good memory and a lot of knowledge about older riders and races. Corrected Weege more than a few times.

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Don't want to hijack this thread, but keep an eye out for another international interest, #337, Slade Smith from South Africa. He arrived is the US three weeks ago, fresh from a wrist injury. He has slowly been riding himself back into shape. He managed ... more »

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This is an American National Championship. Not the World Series of Motocross.

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Not 100% sure, but I think you can probably scratch South Africa from that list as well. Between covid, the recent riots, looting, political instability, lack of funds and poor exchange rates, it would take a miracle to get a team over there. Plus I ... more »

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"Believe the Hype " 6.0

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Steve Sux Cox ?

Liked a bike check 1984 Honda CR125 projectbike 6/18/2021 5:41 AM
1984 Honda CR125 projectbike
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You will find the same guys rubber necking at an accident on the freeway.

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"So many pretty women to look at it was unbelievable", or it didn't happen.

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So ... when does the outdoors start ? .

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I could not get past "hole motor"

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Nice Build. Do you clear coat your shiny parts ? Cerakote has a clear that will keep them shiny for a while.

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Neck Brace discussion = Seat Bounce discussion. The only vision that keeps coming to my mind is, a rider lawn darting into the ground and his brain is served up on a plate, to every moving force, with no give/compensation. Would you prefer to be in a ... more »

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Our neighbour had this 1986 peewee, in really bad shape, with a seized 60cc barrel and head, extended forks and extended rear shock, welded onto the frame. He gave it to my son, for my 3 year old grandson. We stripped it down and brought it back, to

... more »
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Trying not to be a dick, on such an awesome build, but the dice, as the air cap screw, needs to go. Just get some bling red cap screws and ..Perfect

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I am looking forward to the day when its the RC & AC show in the Supercross commentary booth.

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Whoops don't count, if he doesn't fix his starts. AC will be gone.