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I love my 1000 Ranger Crew. Lift, forward A arms and 30” terminators. But man is it poor quality. Next one will be a Can Am defender.

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Fees will skyrocket now. Just you watch. This will fix absolutely nothing. It will create the same problem only with bigger numbers.

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How bout you leave “Canadian” out of this. Don’t lump the rest of us in with your liberal ideals there sparky.

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As a Canadian farmer. This is just another step in this idiots efforts to ruin this country. What a freakin idiot.

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Oh man. I gotta see that. 👍

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I agree with the OP. I am super bad for being way over loaded. I am literally trying to become more present and less focused on work and things that take away from life. Always been a workaholic and keep wayyyy too much on my plate and way too driven.

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That was a big dollar day for me today. Wow. Soooo much upside with ETMC. (EEMMF)

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Dan Crenshaw seems like he would be good if he was in the running

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He’s not totally wrong about city transportation. But for longer distances he’s full of crap. Fridman gets it kind of right. Maybe electric or hydrogen taxis will be able to take you city to city. ? Who knows. I just don’t want to ever see internal combustion ... more »

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Not gonna lie. I’d LOVE auto see Tony hop on a Star Yamaha and rip up the rest of the nats. That would be cool.

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So we don’t get to watch it on MAV? What did I buy the freakin subscription for then ? 🤬

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I don’t follow them on social media, so my original comments maybe were unfounded. Didn’t realize that there was that much being portrayed by them on social media. Anyways. I thought it was a pretty decent accomplishment. Wish I was capable of doing ... more »

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That was freakin awesome. I’m not crying. You’re crying. 🥹 So happy for him and his family. That guy has faced some adversity and battled back.

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Report to the first outdoor national! Please report to the first outdoor national! You don’t have to talk to fans or anything. Just show up and race. The new YZ fo-fiddy is awesome. Do it man. Do it.

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It also depends on what they are willing to pay Dunge. It might be super lucrative. To where he can’t turn it down for a season. Money talks.

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I had COVID very early in all this mess. And then double vaccinated due to work. I always feel like I have heart disease. No motivation and super short of breath all the time. Can barely do anything and can’t seem to put out. Always feel like I can’t ... more »

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Don’t mind it at all. Definitely different. 👍

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Could also be two nice guys concerned about their friends health struggles and expressing their concern to him. “Hey buddy. How are ya feeling? Getting your health challenges figured out? If you need anything or just even to talk don’t hesitate. How ... more »

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Oh please. Do elaborate.

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