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Hey guys I got a 1989 CR500 that I recently replaced the header o rings on and took a look at the cylinder. It runs great, doesn't feel down on power at all. I see no signs of detonation, the piston wash looks good but I see some dark lines on the wall.

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Any ideas? No box to type in. I hit quote and nothing happens either.

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With a 2 stroke swap.

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In their initial mass production outing. This is normal and expected. Anyone remember how much stronger the 08 cr450 was vs its FI younger bro?

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Other racing bodies limit CC/Engine types primarily because of safety. We have limited CC/Engine types due to politics. Why is there an actual fear over equal displacement racing? There is, its a literal fear of what might happen. I propose they know ... more »

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How do these pigs weigh so much? I can't see how its fun. Heavy AND under-powered? Usually you pick one, not both. Purely utilitarian pit bike I get but spinning laps? Get out of here.

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I've personally hated all the MXGP games and loved the MXvsAtv games. However Monster Energy Supercorss game was the best MX game I've ever played. Sure, I would change some things, but overall its great. I can't stand Allout. I've tried it over and ... more »

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Asking to rename OP to Tard483.

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Spodeboy are you making tracks on PC or a console? I know you said it but I can't find the post now. Used to play your McM tracks. Thanks man.

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The beating that KTM took before letting loose, good lord.

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'83 CR 80 (I was 8) '91 CR 125 (I was 10) '97 CR 250 (I was 13) Didn't ride for 15 years. '06 crf250 with 1989 CR500 motor

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The warranty only works for "non-competition" models.

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Not worth the state income tax PLUS population PLUS draconian laws PLUS the pollution.

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Over 100 hp on pump gas is possible. I'm sure they are real mad at you.

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Game is terrible. MESTG is way better and I hated the MXGP games Model clips into bike. Tracks are 50ft wide, even in supercross. The 2 stroke engine sound in the air? Garbage. Did not have fun at all. Refunded through steam.

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Really hard to compare. Take a 250 4 stroke. They run about 38lb tq and 52 hp at a pro level. The difference is they use a transmission with mutilple gears... we all know this. What we never had to consider, beyond sprocket changes which are profound ... more »

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My foot start hurting, my left one at that, at the mere sight of the 480.

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Just the Rekluse cover? Thats too bad.

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When are we getting a 2 stroke DLC please.

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Give 2 stroke DLC please.