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Who is this wanker in Ralph's chair?

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To the op. Long time (15+ years) shoei owner. I spent the better part of all last year trying new helmets as I don't like the new shoei design. Se4: couldn't find the correct size. Large was too big, medium was crushing my brain. Xl could come off barely ... more »

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I hope that Japanese guy is ok.. I've almost crashed in that same spot...

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Happy somebody else posted it. I saw this 2 days ago and didn't post to avoid getting flamed for double posting or not using the search feature

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Just train your ass off and point out of c class. That way you can run yellow backgrounds like most of us do

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My 17 crf450 (alot of them) came brand new with a skid plate anchor that just turns in the frame. Still haven't fixed it, I just use zip ties

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Damn.. that's the best looking Alpinestars gear I've seen yet. They must have found a new designer

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Jack and Coke Jake is in my top 3..

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This is my setup on a 17 crf450. Also a tm designworks slider. The stock Honda design doesn't last 5 hours for me

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There's another guy around here with a Camaro that has "keepin 'em wet" on his back window.
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That ridge in the back ruins it for me. Goggle straps just look too high on this helmet

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Hope it's just the picture, there appears to be a ridge on the back of the helmet that is going to screw up the goggle strap placement and push it up at an angle

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All this bitching and complaining about non perfect conditions. I used to feel the same way 10 years ago when there were actual choices. You'll miss Budds when it's gone... Just like bdmx, snake Creek, speed Citi, and the OLD landing back when team Honda ... more »

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My 7x12 was like pulling a parachute behind my 4runner. Same basic hp and tq as the taco. Slow on the hills, turning 3500-4000 rpm just to hit 55mph and not get ran over byvtraffic. A 4runner or taco can do it, but it's way safer and much more enjoyable ... more »

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Long time ago my buddy and I were riding the pine barrons in NJ. Little track we ran into a sand pit around a pond. There was a little hip jump in a corner, no more than a foot tall. He landed from it, on a angle, and his rental snapped clean off .5 ... more »

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Same as last year, they aren't dry rotted yet.

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Snake Creek, unfortunately, is done. Owner is selling off the equipment and seems to have given up on selling the track and moving south to retire. I will miss that place.. we need a miracle at this point Blue diamond Speed Citi Snake Creek Rocket Raceway ... more »

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Been waiting for this helmet. Can't wait to see one and try the fit.

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Here outside Bel air MD. Assessed value * .013 = prop tax. They voted to raise our assessments last year. I expect my new tax bill to be about 2500 a year on a 1400 sqft townhouse. I'm not complaining though. North Jersey folks pay almost 3x that amount ... more »

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New England ipa (neipa) for me, second being a good barrel aged stout