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Just relialized the viewing Cluster. Hosed again!

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Thanks ML, great stuff!

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the next time the OP is looking for a new pipe, guess who will be top of his list...or not be.

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time to phone in for a "welfare check" on the person

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Cleen-Airz Face Filters, right here, $399.99 each !

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I have a friend who works at Polaris, she told me he will be their new Team Manager when the release there new RD450

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would be really cool if they just tacked it onto the SX/MX pckg and call it a day ! right?

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"singer" is giving Mr. Mathes a run for his money on the vocals...good stuff!

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Marty need to improve his cornering skills, thats all....

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just heard one of his daughters was with him; how sad!

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Would like to see Reedy race himself back into top shape and takes some podium or two!

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DF's buttpatch next week "HeatSeeker" along w/ ACDC cranking during the intros..

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"nice" Kamikaze move Dylan ! wow

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listened today, was very good; will be cool to see if the Boyesen Link will make a comeback someday

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I predict Cooper being on the podium very round. They other guys, not so much. Cooper wins.

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Awesome review, thanks for doing these. I had seen the cover only of this issue previously so it is cool to learn what was happening page by page. I started riding in '73 and I believe it was '75 when I discovered Dirt Bike and especially in those early ... more »

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Thanks for the pics, some interesting bikes/products. Generator sales are due to skyrocket!

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Amateur hour all around.

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US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN no chance of rain (or snow) inside on any day

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