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Exactly which fuse was blown?

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Hey guys, my subframe is has developed a crack in it from my boots rubbing through. So I'm in need of a subframe. A new is one is pretty high so I thought I'd test my luck here. If anyone has one, Im ready to pay via Venmo or Paypal.

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Did you check the cylinder to wall clearance before going back together with it?

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The starcross 5 soft is a great choice if your riding a sandier track. I’ve been running them now for over a year(multiple sets). They actually wear really well. My go to is a soft front and medium rear. I’ve even taken the medium to the sand pits and ... more »

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Man I literally scrapped two complete bottom ends for one two weeks ago 🤢

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I was having the same issue on my yz. I had a new KTM sitting there so I swapped the front Brembo master cylinder on to my bike. Man, what a huge difference. Easily the best thing I’ve done for my bike. OEM KTM master cylinders really aren’t that expensive ... more »

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The forks will fit, but you do have to swap the triple clamps. The rear shock will bolt right up

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I’ve got an Apex head on my YZ. Absolutely love it.

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Scott, Prospect goggles. Hands down the best.

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I’m interested! Post some pics. $60 shipped?

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Rup did not post anything that i couldn’t easily find by going on your website and trying to get in touch with you...oh wait. I did that, and found your shop address, was able to look it up on Google Maps...with a street view that shows everything that ... more »

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I loved my 13 RMZ250. Once I got the forks done by race tech, they were amazing. I loved it, very comfortable and like others have said, they’re pretty durable

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I had the same shit experience and rude interaction with PW only. The forks are super cheaply made. The retaining clips don’t hold the forks together. They popped out after 10 minutes when my son was literally riding in our yard. Thankfully we weren’t ... more »

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I’ve had one that had high compression piston, stage 2 cams, light porting, and a good map. That bike was incredible. I would not do the long rod. As far as the valve train, if the del west caves are in the budget, do them, they are really good. But ... more »

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Steve did my shock, it’s one of the best I’ve had. He gave me exactly what I asked for.

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Good times!

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As a 25 year old millennial, I agree with you 100%. Our generation tends to look for excuses and then are aided by this radical increase in anxiety and depression. It’s sad. I have a kid that works for me that is 18 and is “depressed” to the point that ... more »

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If he doesn't take it from you, I'd like a turn at it please sir

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Rmz450 6th place? Lol

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I'd like to get one from you! Got a contact email or phone I can reach you at?