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Tomac and Jmart 450s

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Drag strip in Vegas is 4 lanes wide as is Charlotte. Would be better for spectating than Atlanta or Daytona

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I love it. I wanted to do 93 team Yamaha style on my husky 125.

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Just got back from Vegas. Raced there last weekend. That place gets worse and worse every year. Everyone freaking out about the mask thing. You’re in a casino for fuck sake. Stay at home if you don’t want to get sick. Everyone wearing mask touching the ... more »

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I like the idea of running 50cc- supermini in the morning then track prep and big bikes in the afternoon. This would be safer and more fun for the youngsters not having to ride in the braking bumps and ruts. I ride in the Midwest where tracks get a lot ... more »

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I haven’t read all the post but how about a “Ask Robb Beams” similar to a “Ask Ping”. Have coach Robb answer a few questions each week about training and nutrition. And if you can’t get Robb, maybe get another trainer to do it. Or maybe a training and ... more »

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Looks like no more over under tables. Probably a smart move before someone fell 15ft off one landing on their head.

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I can’t speak for the fx but my 2021 f probably doesn’t have the over rev you’re looking for. The bike feels very similar to a 450 on low and midrange but the top end is nothing like a 450. I’m 155lbs and ride mx only.

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Anyone notice how fit (non homo) sipes looked when they showed him at the medic trailer. Dude has some upper body strength. And he’s 36

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If you’re under 180-190lbs and haven’t ridden a new Yamaha 250f you need to. I will never buy another 450

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You mean like football... when they need a timeout but don’t want to use one. So the big lineman plays possum

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Bristol would be great. 450s have outgrown the stadium. Larger tracks like Daytona are great for supercross.

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I have them come to my house. But I’m old school. Seems to me a thug is not driving out in the country to steal a bike from a gun carrying redneck. Just sayin

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add Bremen to your list also

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Yes for now... Friese and Bogle coming up next.

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He seen the red flag. Should be DQ’ed. Dumb move for sure.

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Someone here probably has the ability to do that. It would be cool to see. A lap from each race put together on a split screen to see for a comparison.

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Better camera footage in 07. Guys actually ran outside lines and corner speed looked faster. Maybe the track could benefit from less water. (Yes I know it rained which effected the track)

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250 2-stroke. Orange, white or blue. Doesn’t matter. You’re 51! Get a bike that is fun to ride, brings back memories and is good in the woods or the track.

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Craig paid for his ride with star.