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Budds Creek is really fun. Speed Citi was fun in Seaford, DE, but I haven't been to it since it became Middleford Motocross Park. I'd imagine it's still really nice. There's another track called The Landing in Easton and you also have Tomahawk in West ... more »

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All I can find is page 89 (or 91 in a pdf viewer) with the part numbers in their 2018 catalog This site has it listed in their 2017 catalog (or at least it sort of resembles it) ... more »

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Here are two I took a few years ago at Budds ... more »
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The Econo Lodge Meadowlands. It's not the nicest hotel you'll ever stay in, but it's right next to this sports bar called Redds. I believe if you stay at the Econo Lodge they'll give you a free pass to use their shuttle to go back and forth to MetLife. ... more »

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I think the Encore physics are slightly better than that in the regular Supercross. I've downloaded Anaheim 2017, and honestly, it's not that great. It just doesn't feel like it flows very well. But I'm not sure what the rest of the tracks will be like. ... more »

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The guys at Rainbow must have heard us. Just saw this on their Facebook: "MX vs. ATV 5 hrs · You asked for real track layouts, you got it! With the 2017 Official Track Edition of MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore a new track from the 2017 Supercross season ... more »