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Self-admitted idiot here... I signed up, not sure I got the username thing sorted to get an email with the password - ebers? And like previously said, good on you for setting it up!

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I briefly rode my buddies 2020 Beta 500 RR-S while working a hare scramble a couple months ago - I’m now getting a Beta.

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I was in the same boat - waited and waited and searched and searched... prices are out of this world right now. Luckily 2 months ago I found a deal compared to what’s out there and pulled the trigger. I don’t regret it.

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I’ve made oil/aerosol can holders. They actually work out really well size wise with only cutting the length needed/wanted. I have a bicycle stand I made too, just ripped a pallet in half and added a couple pieces to set the front tires in and hold upright. ... more »

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If an exhaust company doesn’t chip in, I’d be more than happy to get a repack kit or material on its way for the current exhaust. Let me know!

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Cut to length and zip tie to your louvers. I’ve used the Twin Air and the Polisport ones but prefer this... plus for $5 it’ll last you a few seasons. The width is perfect to give a little curve facing outward to help stuff bounce off also. Frost King Plastic Gutter Guard

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They offer a couple different repacks, and depending on which one you bought and then the level/type of riding your doing - you could be missing enough material to lead to that type of damage. Not saying that’s you’re case, but it’s possible.

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Just out of curiosity, when’s the last time you repacked it, and with what material?

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I say no. Only because a lot of moto guys don’t like off-road.

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Across the board, it’s simply not true. There are a lot of companies that have legitimate issues to deal with due to Covid, and it’s hampering productivity.

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I’m eagerly waiting too

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I swear by K100. Always keep a couple bottles around. This wasn’t ethanol related, but a few years ago prior to a race, a mini dad couldn’t get his sons KTM 50 to clear out. Tried plug, tried a a few other things he couldn’t get it to work. He was ready ... more »

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I have a 2006 RM250, but with a 2003 motor... do I need an ‘06 pipe or an ‘03 pipe? I can’t figure out what I need.

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I think what people don’t pay attention to is the times. 1st overall to 5th overall is typically 5 minutes at the finish. Add another 5 minutes to 10th overall (10 minutes back of 1st OA). With that said, how far off of the leader would you put Zacko ... more »

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Most angry bike I’ve ever heard was at the Unadilla GNCC a few years back, on the last lap I was flying up this rocky hill climb - as I’m half way up I hear this 4stroke pinned to the moon as if the throttle was stuck and no exhaust, but it sounded off ... more »

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Email sent

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Bummer... hopefully he heals up quick and gets back to it. I was looking forward to seeing how he would stack up. Just seems like a cool kid who enjoys racing his motorcycle. Get well soon Kobusch!

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Any news on him? His name was on the entry list and he posted a picture of his bike a couple days ago saying ready for Saturday night - but didn’t see his name on any of the timed qualifying sheets. Hope all is well with the kid.

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Jett J1 Lites, size 13. Near new. $175

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Figured this is worth a shot... Looking for an extended passenger van with windows. In the $7-12k for the right ride. Willing to travel. Let me know! 3l5-573-69O8 Thanks! Seth

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